Lanzhou Railway Station, Lanzhou Train Station

At the time of my writing, there is only one passenger railway station in Lanzhou – Lanzhou Railway Station. It is located below the Gaolan Mountain in the south of Chengguan District of Lanzhou, Gansu Province.

Lanzhou is a major transport, especially a railway hub in the western China. It has the following railway lines:

Longhai Railway Line:

To the east (Xian, Zhengzhou, Lianyungang), extending to Beijing, Shanghai…, the first railway line connecting Lanzhou (1953).

Lanxin Railway Line:

To the west and northwest linking the western Gansu and Urumqi, and further extending to other places in Xinjiang and to Kazakhstan.
Lanqing Railway Line:
To the west and southwest, with direct train service connecting Xining and Lhasa.

A Train line linking to the north and northeast, with direct train connecting Yinchuan and Baotou.

The main railyway terminal is a two-storey building 171 meters long from east to west and 47.5 wide from north to south.


Lanzhou Railway Station

The entrance is in the middle of the building.


The Main Entrance to the terminal building

It has two exits – east and west. So if you are going to greet disembarking passengers, be sure you are on the right exit of the two by checking the electronic signboard overhead.


East Exit of Lanzhou Railway Station


 In the building, to the west of the main entrance is the ticket booking hall, where you can buy your train tickets for other destinations.


The Ticket Selling Hall, in the west of the building


To the east of the main entrance is a supermarket, where you can buy the local products.


The supermarket in the east of the building

The KFC restaurant is just in the east of the main terminal building.


KFC is in the east of the terminal building

In front of the main terminal building is the train station square which is the parking lot for private vehicles and a place for leisure.


The Square for vehicle parking and leisure place

The taxi stand is northwest to the square in front of the main terminal building. If you come out of the main building, then the taxi stand is on your left hand, on the edge of the square. |

Taking a taxi from the station to the city center costs you about RMB 12, to the Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport about RMB 150.


The taxi stand is northwest to the square in front of the main terminal building

If you are going to take a local public bus, then you walk to the west of the square ( on your right hand if you just left the exit of the terminal building).

Public buses at Lanzhou Train Station
A large post office is also to the west of the square beside the public bus control center.


A large post office at Lanzhou Railway Station


 If you want to connect a long distance bus for other destinations, then you just walk about 200 meters westward along the road before the square in front of the terminal building, and you will find the Lanzhou Passenger Center – the largest long-distance bus station in Lanzhou.

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