Beijing organized tour or Beijing independent travel?


Daphne with the group on the tourist bus having a happy time.

East, west, home is best. At last, back home after 9-day absence from Beijing! The first thing I’d like to do is to check the pile of email after my business trip, during which, I had only intermittent access to internet.  

One email catching my eyes today is about a positive feedback from a 12-people tour group that has used our travel service. I’m very happy with the content of the praise letter. This shows that travel agencies still have their living spaces though the booming internet has empowered our clients to travel independently with little assistance from a local travel agency.
Independent travel and organized travel are interdependent for many travelers. Sometimes and for some parts of the trip, we need independent trave while for others we want to use the travel service from a local travel agency to make most of your trip and have more interaction with the local people.
Below is the original email attached with 4 pictures from the 12-people group. Hopefully you will also have a good time in Beijing as the 12-people group.
This is to thank you and your agency for providing such a wonderful guide to us!
Daphne is one of the most beautiful and kind guide we ever had. 
She was very considerate, patient and caring to all the persons in the group without discrimination.
Our group included 12 persons, each one with their own particularities and idiosyncracies, but Daphne was always smiling and willing to undertake all unfavourable conditions.
This was not an easy task.
So, on behalf of all in the group:
1. Dominique Kanaris
2. Natalia Kanaris
3. Andreas Shielis
4. Xenia Shieli
5. George Shielis
6. Nikos Kanaris
7. Tiziana Sojat
8. Antony Onoufriou
9. Yunsong Wu
10. Amelia Wu
11. John Peraticos
12. Androulla Peraticou,
we would like to convey the pleasure we had to visit Beijing with your agency.
Through this e-mail, we also express our deepest satisfaction and thanks to our superb and beautiful guide : DAPHNE!
Attached to this e-mail, are some of the many photos taken during the tour. Unforgettable moments captured through a camera.
Daphne with the group at Badaling Great Wall
Daphne with the group at Forbidden City
Daphne with the group on the tourist bus

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