Top 10 Best Cinemas in Beijing

Plan your Beijing tour ? If you are a film goer at home, do you have any itch to experience a cinematic adventure in Beijing? Drinking beer and holding a popcorn cup sitting in a comfortable chair, enjoy the latest Hollywood or Chinese films. Follow me to have a glimpse of the top 10 best cinemas in Beijing to be ready for your Chinese cinema experience.

1. Capital Cinema (首都电影院)
Capital Cinema is the largest digital film theatre in the northern China. Originally it was located on the Chang’an Avenue. Now it has been relocated on to the 10th floor of the shopping mall of Joy City in Xidan, Beijing. The Joy City is the trendy and modern shopping mall targeted at the international youth. A plethoral of international brands are housed in the Joy City like ZARAGUESS, UNIQLO,Esprit, motivi, DHCMUJ and Folli Follie.

The time-honored Capital Cinema is situated in the hustle and bustle of Joy City in Xidan. Enjoy your leisure and romantic window shopping before or after watching your movie. Capital Cinema was built according to the five star standard. There are totally 13 screens with a seating capacity of 1,722.

The movie house has an area of 10369 suqare meters. Among them there are also one VIP and 3 business auditoriums. The three business auditoriums can be used for holding all kinds of film receptions. Two of the nine show rooms can accommodate 300 people each. The film house is also equipped with ornate room VIP meeting rooms and cozy moviee bars.

Add: 10th floor, Joy City, 131 Xidan North Street, Xicheng District, Beijing
Tel: 010-66018177
How to get there:
Bus Lines: 22, 47, 626, 690, 808 and 826 and get off at the Xidan Department Store
Metro: Take line 2 an 4 and get off at the station of Xidan and exit from Exit F1

Capital Cinema
Capital Cinema

2. UME Huaxing International Cinema (华星国际影城)

“UME” is short for “Ultimate Movie Experience”. UME Huaxing International Cinema is designed according to a five star cinema with the most advanced audio and video facilities. There are five screens for movie with a total area of 4000 some square meters accomodating 10000 people. The Movie Hall No.2 and 3 often put on the latest original foreign films with Chinese subtitles. The Hall no.5 is recognazed as the movie house’s first class for its splurge.

All the seats are adjustable according one’s habit and height. The movie house is wheelchair accessible. IUME Huaxing International Cinema has its flag outlet at the northt of Beijing with other two branches at Shuangjing and An Zhen. All the three UME cinemas have convenient transport with a dozen of public bus lines passing by. UME is catered for middle and high end market including foreign filmgoers.

 UME Huaxing (华星国际影城)
Add:44 Science Acamdy, Shuangyu, Haidian Dist, Beijing
Tel: 010-82115566
How to get there
Bus Lines: 302,731,718 and Te 8(特8) and get off at the station of East Sidong Bridge (四通桥)

Huaxing Shuangjing (华星双井影城)
Add: 5-6 Floor of Fuli Plaza, North of Shuangjing Bridge, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Bus Lines:  300, 300Express, 801, 683, Te(特8), Te(特3), 28, 802, 707,37, 57 and 348
Metro: Line 10 and get off at the station of Shuangjing Station and exit from Exit A

UME Anzhen (华星安贞影城)
Add: B1, F1 and F3 of Building F of Beijing Global Trade Center, 36 Sanhuan East Ring Road, Beijing
Bus lines: 300,302, 367, 387, 671, 801, 641, 967, Te(特8), Yuntong (运通)101, Yuntong(运通)104, Yjntong(运通)201 and get off at East Anzhen Bridge
Metro: Line 5 and get off at the station of West Heping Bridge and exit from Exit A and walk west for 500m.

UME Huaxing International Cinema
UME Huaxing International Cinema

3. Wanda International Cinema (万达国际影城)

Wanda International Cinema is situated in the Central Buisiness District of Beijing, next to East Third Ring Road and Trade Center. There are 9 show rooms for movies with the most advance movie facilities. This picture house represents the most avanced film industry by introducing the most advanced digital audio and video facilities including Italian projection facilities, American projection system, Germany high-end lense and UK super-view “Wall to Wall Screen”.

Spacious and comfortable chairs are the highlights of the cinema. All the seats can be adjusted and friendly to wheelchair users. Wanda Cinema sells the Americal style pop corns, Mexican Flakes, Haagen Dazs ice cream and other drinks and snacks.

Add: Floor 3, Buidling B of Wanda Plaza, 93 Jiangguo Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Tel: 010-59603399
How to get there:
Bus Lines: 810 and 57, get off at Langjiayuan
Metro: Line 1 and get off at the station of Dawanglu and exit from Exit D and walk south

Wanda International Cinema
Wanda International Cinema

4. Stellar International Cineplex  (星美国际影城金源店)

Stellar International Cineplex is sponsored by Stellar Mega International Theater Co., Ltd. Established in 2003, Stellar Mega International Theater is dedicated to managing and operating the modern cineplexes, and is the national management headquarters of the Stellar International Cineplex. It is a flagship in the Chinese movie industry.

It is siuated on the 5th floor of Jinyuan Shopping Mall. With an area of 10889 square meters, this movie theatre has 7 screens with a seating capacity of 1588, a five star theme film city. This film house is a combination of leisure, auido, entertainment complex. It has the most advanced digital projection system. The seats are humanly designed and adjusted according to your specific needs. With hollywood decor, this movie house has legant lobby, cozy nars and leisure places. The film theatre is also wheelchair friendly with accessible passages and chairs.

Add: 5th Floor, Jinyuan Shopping Mall, 1 Yuanda Road, Haidian District, Beijing
Tel: 010-88872841, 88878696 (8:30-21:30)
How to get there:
Bus Lines: 619,996 and 664

Stellar International Cineplex
Stellar International Cineplex

5. Dahua Film City (大华电影院)

Dahua Cinema is one of the oldest movie houses in Beijing with a history of over 70 years. This movie theatre is located in the hustle and bustle of the city center of Beijing. Now it has 4 screens, an internet cafe, a film bookstore, restaurants, clothes kiosks and a florist store, a comprehensive cultural place.

The world advanced flim facilites have been equipped in Dahua Fil City. For the years past, Dahua Film Theatre has attracted numerous audiences in its unique way – Premier Screening, Film Festival and film stars interviews and many.

Add: 82 North Street, Dongdan, Dongcheng District, Beijing
Tel: 010-65274420
How to get there
Bue Lines: 1, 4, and 52 and get off at the stop of Dongdan

Dahua Film City
Dahua Film City

7. Show Max (搜秀)

As a five-star film house in the southern city of Beijing, Show Max is located in the hustel and bustle of Chongwenmen commercial area with convenient transportation. This movie house uses a whole set of imported film facilities – American Chrisrie projector, CP650D6.1 Sound Channel, British JBL Speaker, British oversized screen, American IRWIN chairs, a typically international cinema. Now Show Max has five sceens with a seating capacity of 686, taking an area of 4000 square meters.

Add: 10 floor, Show Max Building, Waidajie, Chongwenmen, Dongcheng District, Beijing
Tel: 010-51671261
Bus lines: 103, 104, 25, 39, 43, 116, 8, 60, 813, 814, 812 and get off at the stop of Chongwenmen, Huashi and Ciqikou
Metro line: Line 5 and get off at the station of Chingwenmen and exit from the Exit D

Show Max
Show Max

8. Beijing Star City Cinema (北京百老汇新世纪影院)

Beijing Star City Cinema is located in the basement of Oriental Plaza along the Chang’an Avenue and next to Wangfujing Street, the second cinema in Wangfujing Street after Xindong’an Cinema. People can easily going shopping either before or after seeing a film. The Mall at Oriental takes a total area of 130,000 square meters, an integral part of Oriental Plaza, which is one of the largest commercial complexes in Asia. The Malls is a popular shopping destination for both local residents and visitors alike. It has many international brand outlets such as OMEGA, Burberry, Canali, Coach, Dunhill, Ermenegildo ZegnaHugo Boss, MaxMara, Tiffany and Tommy Hilfiger.

Beijing Star City Cinema is a advanced film house in the Wangfujing area, a commercial center in Beijing. It has six screens with a seating capacity of 831 with the advanced projector facilities.

Add: B1, Oriental Plaza, 1 Chang’an Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing
How to get there:
Bus lines: line 1 and 4
Metro: Line 1 and get off at the station of Wangfujing and exit from Exit A
Opening Hours: 9:00 – 24:00

Beijing Star City Cinema
Beijing Star City Cinema

9. Xindong’an Cinema (新东安影城)

Also known as Broadway Cinemas, Xindong’an Cinema is located on the 5th floor of Beijing apm, a large shopping mall on the Wangfujing Street. This picture house has 4 screens with a seating capacity of 538. Thus film house is teh first sino-foreign joint-venture cinema. It has an elegant decor with good acoustic sound.

Beijing apm is a trendy and popular shopping mall in Beijing frequented by the locals and visitors.

Add: 5th Floor, Beijing amp, 138 Wangfujing Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing
Tel: 010-65281838
Bus Lines: 103 and 104, get off at the station of Dengsi Xikou
Metro: Line 1 and get off at the station of Wangfujing and exit from Exit A and  walk north about 500m.

Xindong an Cinema, also known as Broadway Cinemas
Xindong an Cinema, also known as Broadway Cinemas

10. Imegabox Cinema (美嘉欢乐影城)

Imegabox Cinema is located on the third floor of Jinlehui Building of Zhongguancun Plaza Shopping Center, Haidian District, Beijing. This huge movie house has 8 screens with a seating capacity of 1680. Imegabox attracts more and more students and IT white-collars by their attentive service. You can bring your own food and drinks.

Add: third floor of Jinlehui Building of Zhongguancun Plaza Shopping Center, Haidian District, Beijing
Tel: 010-82674001
Bus lines: 302, 332 and get off at the stop of Zhongguancun South.

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