How to find a reliable travel agency in Beijing

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“How to find a reliable travel agency in Beijing” is a frequently asked question by those who are going to visit Beijing for the first time. Though nowadays independent travel is very popular, people still keep the habit of using some of the travel services offered by a local travel agency to extend their travel capability and have a more worry-free and interactive tour at the destination they are going to explore.
So how to locate a trustworthy, competent and resourceful travel agency in the destination they are going to visit? Different people have different understanding of so called “Reliable Local Travel Agency”.  Having worked in the travel agecny industry over 20 years, I can give you some hints and shed some useful light on the question.
1. It would be better to use a local travel agency in Beijing instead of located in other destinations. The advantage of using a local travel agency is apparent:
1) A local travel agecny handle all the travel service directly, reducing the tour cost which helps to save your money.
2) If you should have a problem on your Beijing trip, they can have prompt response and have your problem addressed quickly.
3) As a local travel expert, they can do a tailor made tour for you per your specific travel request.
4) They can update you on destination information. And assist you get across what you need to be clear of before you arrive in Beijing.
5) As a local travel agency, you can easily reach them. Just a phone call away from getting your problem solved.
6) You can meet them if you want.
2. Use the method of word of mouth to reach your travel agency
Like any other professions, word of mouth is still most used to find your best travel agency. Turn to your friends, relative and co-workers to solve your problem. Maybe their good travel experience will disclose a competent travel agency, which is able to handle successfuly your travel arrangement.
3. Look for a tangible Travel Agency behind an online travel website in Beijing
Another easy way of finding a rebliable travel agency is to seach the internet. Today many local travel agencies in Beijing have put up their own fancy travel websites and compete for online travel service. As a traveler, you are highly advised to search for the information on the real and tangible travel agecncies behind these travel websites. Don’t just trust a fancy travel website only. Who is to handle your travel arrangement is more important than who designs a beautiful travel website. There are many “middleman” travel websites who will pass your ball to another tangible travel agency in Beijing. They don’t handle any travel service directly. You’d better to keep away from those”middle man” travel websites. 
4. A liable Travel agency must be registered at Beijing and China tourism bureaus. It must a a member of China Association of Travel Services as well the member of International Air Transport Association.

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