Galaxy SOHO Beijing – Multidimensional Miracle in the world

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Plan your Beijing tour? If you are interested in the contemporary architecture, don’t miss to have a glimpse of Galaxy SOHO Beijing, a multidimensional miracle in the world among other iconic landmarks like CCTV Headquarters, National Center of Performing Arts, Bird’s Nest and Water Cube, and the list could be much longer, which have completely changed Beijing’s skyline.

The Exterior of Galaxy SOHO Beijing

The Exterior of Galaxy SOHO Beijing

The future society and city will be a multi-dimensional place where people and architecture should grow, stretch and communicate freely like plants. Great impact will fall on the old fixed, linear and planar ways of expression, thinking habits as well as architectural space. Galaxy SOHO Beijing is a good example of a multi-dimensional building.

Aerial View of Galaxy SOHO

Aerial View of Galaxy SOHO

Galaxy SOHO is developed by SOHO and designed by Zaha Hadid Architects. Built 2009-2012, the Galaxy SOHO Beijing is located on the southwest of Chaoyang Bridge over the East Second Ring Road with a total construction area of 330,000 square meters including office floors of 166,000 square meters and retail floors of 86,000 square meters.


The Exterior

The whole complex architecture is composed of the above ground 4 towers 15 floors ( 12 office floors and 3 retail floors as well as below ground floors for retail and parking. The whole complex is set naturally and perfectly with the surrounding buildings and transportation hub.

Devoid of Corners and Abrupt Transitions
Devoid of Corners and Abrupt Transitions

The Galaxy SOHO Beijing is a new type of office and entertainment complex devoid of corners or abrupt transitions. It is an re-invention of the classical courtyards that produce immersive and enveloping experiences at the heart of Beijing. The four tower-shape buildings are connected dynamically by many bridge with attractive appearance that that gives much imagination. People will get immersed excitedly in the 360-degree architecture in the world.

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