Our Annual Company Gala Party 2010 at www.tour-beijing.com

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As the earliest online Beijing China tour operator based in Beijing, Tour-Beijing.Com has a tradition of holding its annual gala evening since the year 2000 when it went online. After a particular long and challenging year on the job, many staff members look forward to unwinding as well as sparking moral and teamwork at the annual company party.
This year’s annual gala dinner party is held on Dec 25, 2010, the date coincident with Christmas Day. Christmas is a holiday observed generally on December 25 to commemorate the birth of Jesus. Such coincidence manifests that Tour-Beijing.com will enter another 10-year development after its successful 10-year growth since 2000.
While we commemorate the birth of Jesus, we do hope God will bless us; bless the global economy will pick up and recover; bless our oversea visitors will come to Beijing China with thick purses.
These years we have developed a set of programs for the annual get-together. Though we think our gala dinner party theme needs more creativity and participation, we are still happy with our present stereotyped gala activities – a big dinner, lottery prizes, performances, networking and more…, which has become a part of the office lore and company tradition.
Gala Evening Venue and Preparation
This year’s annual pary is set on the same place as last year – the banquet hall on the 2rd floor at Sunworld Hotel Beijing. The greatest advantage of choosing Sunworld Hotel Beijing is its location. Close to Wangfujing Street; the subway; St.Joseph’s Church; 30 minutes walk to the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square. Its location makes it easy for all the participants coming and going.
The banquet hall has nice audio, a lovely stage, elegantly blanketed floor. We book 10 tables, only half size of its hall. Our people start to decorate the hall from 4:00pm, 2 hours before the party offically begins. 

At registration table, people are busy preparing for the party, blowing the balloons, get ready the gifts (plush rabbit toys)...

Decorating the hall with coloured ballons


Each particpant will get a new year gift - a plush rabbit toy, bringing you luck in the rabbit year of 2011.

Hosts, Presenter and Persons in Charge of Registration
This year’s hostess is Li Xuan, an accountant from our office. Opposite to her work features, she is active and smart, well suitable and capable of being a hostess. The host is Wang Xiaolei, from sales and marketing section. He is quick and humurous. 

Hostess: Lixuan; Host: Wang Xialei


Ms Flora Zhao is our party presenter. She is in charge of presenting the lottery prizes anyone wins; Mr. Johny Hao is in charge of the main registration.

A Big Dinner at the Evening Party
It is a big dinner, each table with over 10 main courses, and free flow of firewater, beer and soft drinks. people are happily feeding themselves, talking and networking, a unwinding time after a year’s challenging work. The 10 tables of people are composed of trip advisors, tour guides, drivers and other functional staff.

Posed while eating

Seeing without forgetting to eat


Toasting and time for networking


The firewater makes people high

Again networking time

A Gala Party with Rich Lottery Prizes
The most tough part of the preparation is to select the lottery prizes for the evening party. Choosing the prizes has started one month up front. Just name some of the prizes this year: 1) First Prize: Cannon Video 2) Second Prize: Portable bikes 3) Third Prize: Mutil-functional Juicers 4) badminton bats 5) a number of special prizes to be won in guess games and a huge number of memorial prizes ( most are usb flash disks).

The prizes are waiting to be drawn.


The hotel lottery box is ready to go.


Mr. Xie gets a laptop desk (used on bed ) after he wins in a price guess game.


Mr. Jin gets a yogurt making machine also after he wins in a price guess game.


The fourth lottery prizes winners are posed on the stage with their prizes of badminton rackets.


The third prize winners - Mutil-functional Juicers.

The hostess, Ms Li Xuan becomes one of the second prize winners.


Mr. Ma Sen (right) is the final first prize winner - a Cannon Video.

Funny and Entertaining Games and Performances
Playing games is one of the highlights in our annual evening party. This year is no exception with various forms of games and performances ranging from singing, music playing, funny games and to playlets.

Mr. Luo is playing the ocarina - an ancient musical instrument.


Playing the game of guessing the words with hinted actions and roundabout explanation.


Bound by a string of ballons, Mr.Liu is supposed to break all the ballons provided that he is not allowed to use his hands and legs.


Mr.Ma Sen and Mr. Chen Rong are putting on a playlet - "Fighting for a bowl of instant noodle".


Kung Fu Show is performed by our English speaking tour guide - Mrs.Yuan's son.


Playing the game of "bounding and hopping".

More photos of our staff members

Office staff at www.tour-beijing.com

IT staff at www.tour-beijing.com


English Section at www.tour-beijing.com


European Section Staff at www.tour-beijing.com


Sales and Marketing Section at www.tour-beijing.com

Accounting Section at www.tour-beijing.com

The bright future of www.tour-beijing.com

Tour-Beijing.com' big family - trip advisors, tour guides, drivers and functional staff members

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