Beijing adjusts its train presale to 10 days in Spring Festival travel season

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This year’s Spring Festival travel season ( Chunyun ) starts from Jan 19, 2011, 15 days before the Chinese lunar new year’s day (Feb 03, 2011), and ends on Feb 27, totalling 40 days. The annual srping festival witnesses the largest annual human migration in the world! Most Chinese people are returning home for family reunion during Chinese new year in line with a long-held tradition in China.
Today Beijing Railway Bureau has disclosed its spring 2011 program. It is learned that presale period for the D, Z, C, L prefix trains starting from Beijing have been extneded to 10 days, other ticket pre-sale period is 5 days up front. During the Spring Festival travel season, Beijing’s railway stations add additional 492 temporary ticket windows, there will be 16 mobile ticket windows coming into the community, enterprises.
Travel peak starts from 7 days before Spring Festival 
In the total of 40 days of Spring Festival travel rush, Beijing send out 10.60 million passengers throug rail system. The train travel during the 7 days before Feb 03, is expected to be a sustained peak. One-day climax expected will be on January 31 and February 1, when passenger volume will reach 0.75 million passengers a day.
Ticketing: Phone booking is suspended for all the Railway Stations in Beijing 
During the spring Spring Festival, the stations add an additional 492 temporary ticket windows, toyalling 1389 ticketing office in Beijing. Among them, the Beijing Railway Station, Beijing South Railway Station ticket window 419, West Station, North Station ticket windows make up 350, ensuring 24-hour ticket selling. Meanwhile, in Beijing will also use mobile ticketing cars with 16 mobile ticket windows to open,in Fengtai, Chaoyang, Yizhuang and other densely populated industrial enterprises, communities and construction sites. Phone booking is suspended.
You are advised to avoid traveling to Beijing or other parts of China during Chinese Spring Festival. But if you want to see a real Beijing, a real China, you must come to Beijing China during the most typical Chinese Spring Festival!
Beijing Train Travel Tips
1.Train tickets are hard to get during the following Chinese festivals and you are advised to buy air-tickets on these special day:
New Year’Day ( 1st Jan, three-day holiday )
Tomb Sweeping Day ( Early April, 3-day holiday )
Mid-Autumn festival ( Aug-Sept, 3-day holiday )
May Day ( 1st May, three-day holiday)
National Day (1st Oct, week-long holiday
Chinese New Year ( later Jan and early Feb, not fixed and change according to Chinese lunar calendar )
2.There are four major train stations in Bejing, please reconfirm with our trip advisor from which train station you are going to depart
3.Watch out for the hawkers outside the railway stations who may approach you with much sought-after train tickets. Beware that some of them are counterfeit and others are stolen.
4. You are kindly requested to get to the train station at least one hour before your train departure time.
5. You are also requested to go through the security check (luggage check) when you enter the main hall of the train station.
6. Passengers will be allowed on board the train 30 minutes before departure time. The train will be closed 5 minutes before departure .
7. If you miss the train or lose your tickets, you cannot have your tickets refunded and you have to buy another one. 
8. If you lose your tickets on the train, you are supposed to buy another one when pass the arrival station. So do not lose your tickets on the train
9. More China Train Tips.
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