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Are you going to visit Beijing from Toronto Canada? We have chosen the following Beijing travel reviews and tips assisting you in making the most of your Canada Toronto Beijing tour. These featured reviews are writtten by the local travel consultants from as well as clients who have taken our their Beijing tour packages or activities in the past 10 years.  

You may use your own traditional tickeking agency in Toronto or the online flight booking travel websites such as,,,,,,,,,,, Forbidden City ( Forbidden City Travel Tips – The Palace Museum Travel Tips

To many, many traveler, Beijing is an ancient capital city in the east. Forbidden City is the right site for you to begin your Beijing trip by unveiling its mysterious face.

2. Tiananmen Square ( Tips for Visiting Tiananmen Square

What is the symbol of Beijing? There are various answers. But Tiananmen Square is definitely on the top list. Located in the middle of Beijing City, it is the place for massive parades and rallies, which is the largest public square of this kind in the world.

3. Temple of Heaven ( Tips for Visiting the Temple of Heaven

I hihgly recommend Temple of Heaven as a real climax of Beijing. It is situated in the southern part of Beijing, and has been one of the most sacred places for the whole country for more than 500 years.

4. Summer Palace ( Tips for visiting Summer Palace

As the largest imperial garden in China, the Summer Palace in Beijing is actually a parklike royal retreat spreading out over 10 square miles.

5. Ming Tombs ( How to Visit Ming Tombs in Beijing

This is a beautiful and solemn place for many reasons. First, it is outside Beijing, so you have a chance to escape the city and see a bit of the countryside.

6. Great Wall ( Tips for Visiting the Great Wall of China around Beijing

If you are in a hurry, you can still make the most out of your visit to Beijing by climbing one of the sections of the Great Wall. The Great Wall snaks across Beijing in its northern part about 600 kilometers.

7.Beijing Hutongs ( How to visit Shichahai

Do you have any experience of taking a pedicab around a hutong? In the old Beijing hutong areas, you can see the ancient transportation tools now still kept for tourists as the main traffic tool of traveling hutongs – Beijing unique old city alleys.

8. Beijing Olympic Sites ( How to visit Bird’s Nest and Water Cube

Usain Bolt of Jamaica broke the world record at the Olympics 2008; at the Water Cube (the National Aquatics Centre), Michael Phelps of America makes history with 8 Gold Medals in Beijing! A trip to the Beijing Olympic Green is a must for your Beijing trip.

9. Beijing Roast Duck ( How to Enjoy Beijing Nightlife

Beijing duck is the local flavor of Beijing. Hiking the Great Wall, watching Beijing Opera and eating Beijing Duck are the three musts to do things for those coming to Beijing for the first time, which you cannot miss.

10. Beijing Opera ( How to Visit National Grand Theatre in Beijing

Beijing Opera is a series of stylized action, including singing, dancing, dialogue and acrobatic fighting to narrate a story or show different characters and their feelings of happiness, anger, sorrow, surprise, fear and sadness.

Going shopping in Beijing
Beijing Shopping: What do you want to purchase? Beijing has everything from luxury shopping malls, designer boutiques to flea and free markets with bargains as well as exquisite jewelry, factory outlets, gourmet food shops, antiques and more. Check Top 10 Beijing Shopping Malls and Top 10 Beijing Markets


Restaurants in Beijing
Beijing Dining: From the restaurants of Beijing roast ducks to the elegant ones of western food or modern Chinese food, this cosmopolitan city features a huge variety of cuisines, from local Beijing food to the Chinese food from other parts of China as well as western food like Indian, Italian, Thai and many more! Check out Top 10 Beijing Restaurants and Top 10 Restaurants frequented by white collar workers in Beijing


Booking your hotels in Beijing
Beijing Hotels: There are over 800 hotels in Beijing. Most of the hotels are graded into five classes: 5 star, 4 star, 3 star, 2 star, 1 star. We at Tour-Beijing Travel Service, simplify your selection process into three choices – the top three best value hotels in Beijing, saving your time and your money. Check out Beijing Hotel Booking


Getting Around in Beijing
Beijing Transportation: Beijing currently has three million motor vehicles, of which there are about 67,000 legitimate taxis, the taxi number enough for travelers easily hail taxis on the streets. For more information on the transportation in Beijing, please check out how to get around in Beijing

for more advice.

Having sightseeing in Beijing
Beijing Sightseeing

: Tour-Beijing.Com offers various kinds of Beijing tours. Check out the following tours:


Taking some Beijing Travel Tips
Beijing Travel Tips: Traveling Beijing and other parts of China requires some basic preparation like: visa, custom, climate, money, phone, communication, water and much more. Check out the following for more information:


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Selecting the attractions in Beijing
Beijing has too many interesting attractions to list them all here, but check out
the top 10 Beijing attractions

to well plan your short stay in Beijing.

Traveling Beijing
As the gateway city for visiting China, Beijing is a huge city as well as one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities. 

Travelers will be happy with the grandeur royal Forbidden City, and the awesome Great Wall of China and many more while tasting the local flavors and meeeting the hospitable people.

Booking flights to Beijing
Flying to Beijing is plentiful and simple, and easy to get good deals for cheap flights to Beijing.

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