How many nationalities in Beijing

There are 56 nationalities in Beijing, which echoes the total nationalities in China. Beijing is the first city in China where 56 ethnic groups gather together.

In 2022, Beijing has the total population of 21.886 million.

Among the permanent residents of the city, the Han population is 2,0845,166, accounting for 95.2%; The population of ethnic minorities is 1,047,929, accounting for 4.8 percent.

Among the ethnic minorities living in Beijing, 250,000 are Manchu, 236,000 are Hui, 37,000 are Mongolian, and 20,000 are Korean.

The minority population in Beijing is characterized by large dispersion and small settlement. The great dispersion is reflected in the fact that ethnic minorities live in 16 districts of the city, and each district has at least 14 ethnic minorities. The suburbs near the city are relatively concentrated areas of ethnic minorities.

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