Drink Beer at an outdoor Beer Bar in Beijing

Plan your Beijing tour? If you travel Beijing in July and August, the Beijing’s rainy season, you will expect muggy weather – hot, humid and feverish. But your encounter with the uncomfortable weather is offset by colorful activities on Beijing summer’s evenings – Bars, Cafes, Night Snacks Markets and etc.

Drinking cold beer is a passion warmly received by local residents. As a foreign visitor, why not join them to get rid of the heat and mix with the lcals. there are tons of outlets for cafes and bars. Drinking cold beer is very much popular here in Beijing on a hot evening.

Unlike westerners, we Chinese like to eat a lot while drinking. So some of the beer bars in Beijing are a kind of combination of night snack market and beer outlet. You order beer and at the same time you buy a variety of food from numerous food stalls in an outddor beer outlet.

Last night, we went to Chengxiang Beer Garden, which is located in front of Chengxiang Suppermarket Xiaotun in Fengtai District, Beijing.

“Chengxiang” literally means “Urban and Rural”, a short form of a famous local department chain company known as Beijing Urban-Rural Trade Centre Co. Ltd.. This company group has set up several franchises and directly owned and controlled department stores or supermarkets in and around Beijing.

Chengxiang Suppermarket Xiaotun is Chengxiang’s newest investment. Chengxiang Beer Garden is just a by-product of Chengxiang Suppermarket Xiaotun.

Each night Chengxiang Beer Garden is alive with a great number of beer drinkers coming here to kill their dull and hot night time in summer time. They have black beer and yellow beer of Tsingtao contained in big 3 liter Beer Towers.

We five people ordered 3 liter black beer towers and also a table of dishes including caryfishes, Skewered lamb kebab, baked fishes, salted peanuts, boiled green beans and many more.

We talked about our company business, common life and the current situation. Time went fast! The 6pm – 10pm beer dinking ended to our great satisfaction. Life is beautiful after all though there exists unavoidable sadness and difficulty in our lives past and ahead.

Chengxian Beer Garden
A row of food stalls is waiting for you
Scorpions, worms, dragonflies and more
Skewered lamb kebabs
Fried Crayfished
Fishes to be roasted
Various cold dishes
Many choices of vegetables
Seafood – braised scallops and oysters
Many choices of fresh fruit juice are available
Skewered chicken’s wings
A liter Tsingtao Black beer tower
A table of dishes accompanying us to drink beer

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