Equestrian Clubs in Beijing (Tips, Photos)

Thinking of planning an Equestrian Vacation on your short Beijing Tour? If you are a horse enthusiast and looking for a place to go horseback riding in Beijing, you won’t be disappointed. Some of equine clubs have qualified and bilingual instructors, and these clubs have both indoor or outdoor arenas, training areas, club houses and saddlery stores.

This “”Horse Clubs in Beijing” list is hand-picked by us aimed at offering you some useful information on the equestrian clubs in Beijing. Before you choose any of these clubs, please contact them directly for more detailed information and also try to learn their online reviews and word of mouth.

1. Beijing International Equestrian Club 京城马汇国际马术俱乐部

Beijing International Equestrian Club (BIEC) is located in Caiyu County, Daxing District of Beijing, where the Beijing-Tianjin-Tanggu expressways meets. This horse club owns an international standard course for eventing, two outdoor arenas, one indoor arena for jumping, one indoor arena for dressage and a horse free-roaming area.

BIEC also has a stable with over 60 rooms, which is operated by European professional team aimed at training and teaching. The horse back riding training is suitable for novice, intermediate and advanced riders.

The outdoor arena at BIEC ( Image Credit: iecbj.com)

Add: 99 Cailang Road, Caiyu Town, Daxing District, Beijing 大兴区采育镇采廊路99号
Tel: 0086 10 80201919 /8110 Fax传真: +86 10 80203333
Website: www.iecbj.com

2. Equuleus International Riding Club 天星调良国际马术俱乐部

Beijing Equuleus International Riding Club has developed steadily and healthily since its establishment in 1999. It has over 4000 registered members both from home and abroad. The club has become a gathering place for people who love equestrian and has become an brand image of excellent equestrian training center, excellent horse breeding center.

The horse club is highly accredited star horse club in China by UK, China Equestrian Association, Beijing Turf and Equestrian Association. The horse back riding training is suitable for novice, intermediate and advanced riders.

Equuleus International Riding Club (Image Credit: maidong100.com )

Add: 91 Shunbai Rd, Cui Ge Zhuang County, Chaoyang, Beijing (北京朝阳区崔各庄乡顺白路91号)
Tel:400 075 0808, 13522339691
Website: www.equriding.com

3. Beijing Xiwu International Horse Club 北京西坞乡村马术俱乐部

Beijing Xiwu International Horse Club (Sheerwood Beijing Equestrian Country Club)is accredited as a four-star equestrian club, with a total area of 28 hectares, including 3 standard racecourse, 1 steeplechase course and 1 indoor training arena. You can practice indoors or go riding along the Wenyu River at your own pace. There are a dozen of horse riding coaches in the club.

Beijing Xiwu International Horse Club (Image: yododo)

Add: Dongyao Village, Jinzhan, Chaoyang,Beijing 北京市朝阳区金盏乡东窑村对面
Tel: 010-84332217

4. Guofa Equestrian 北京国发马术俱乐部

Established in 1996, Guofa Equestrian is a group member of Chinese Equestrian Association and Beijing Equestrian Association. Since its establishment, the club has been actively supporting and committed to the promotion and development of equestrian sports and speed horse racing sports.

Guofa Equestrian has become a comprehensive equestrian club training suitable for novice, intermediate and advanced riders. Many members of the Guofa Equestrian Club in Beijing are children and teenagers between the ages of 3 and 18, and also many of them are female.

Guofa Equestrian (Image Credit: Meituan)

Add: 31 Houqiaoduan, Liqiao Town, Shunyi District, Beijing 北京市顺义区李桥镇后桥段31号
Tel: 010 81471279

5. Oriental Equestrian Club 北京东方马汇马术俱乐部

Founded in 2007, Beijing Oriental Equestrian Clube ( Dong Fang Ma Hui Equestrian Club ) covers an area of 130 acres with over 80 horses.

The club has comprehensiv venues and facilities with the high standard indoor fiber fields. The club is also a member of the French Equestrian Association and one of the five accredited French equestrian schools in China.

The club is qualified to issue the Galop rider’s certificate and Galop coach’s certificate of France equestrian Association.

Oriental Equestrian Club (Image Credit: 盛世航标 sohu )

Add: 500 meters west of Xiwang Road Village Committee, Gaoliying Township, Shunyi District, Beijing
Tel: 010-69457995

6. Beijing Zhong Lian Knight Union Equestrian Club 中联骑士联盟马术俱乐部

Knight Union Riding ( Zhong Lian Knight Union Equestrian Club ) is owned by Zoomlion Justudio Sports Promotion Company. With the concept of “feeling the charm of equestrian and enjoying the pleasure of riding on horseback”, Zoomlion Justudio Sports has been focusing on “developing basic equestrian sports” and is committed to promoting equestrian sports in China. It has 11 equestrian clubs in the country, two horse farms in Beijing, 1 experience hall, and more than 180 stables.

Knight Union Riding has four equestrian centers for training or competin listed below:
1. Yancun Village, Fangshan, Beijing 房山区阎村
2. Jiaosha Road, the second expressway of the Capital airport 首都机场二高速焦沙路
3. In the Italian farm of Baige Village, Mapo Township, Shunyi District 顺义区马坡镇白各庄意大利农场内
4. By the beautiful Wenyu River near the Sunhe Bridge on Jingshun Road 京顺路孙河大桥附近美丽的温榆河畔

Knight Union Riding in Sunhe

Service Hotline: 4000881993
Service Address: 71 Xidian, Gaobeidian, Chaoyang District, Beijing 北京朝阳区高碑店西店71号
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.qslm.com.cn

7. Beijing Moon River Bay Equestrian Club 北京月河湾马术俱乐

Beijing Moon River Bay Equestrian Club covers an area of about 100,000 square meters. There are 30 teaching staff and 20 equestrian training coaches, including 5 female coaches. There are 70 horses, trained in the Netherlands of high quality horses.

Moon River Equestrian Club is located in Chaoyang District, Beijing, close to the Jingcheng expressway with convenient transportation. Moon River Bay Equestrian Club also offer dinning and ccommodation services.
Equestrian training time: 7:00 am – 12:00 PM; 2:00 PM-7:00 PM

Beijing Moon River Bay Equestrian Club (Image Credit: dianping.com)

Add: 599 Xinbao Village, Sunhe Township, Chaoyang, Beijing 北京市朝阳区孙河乡下辛堡村599号
Tel: 010 59433582
Mobile: 13701092123

8. Beijing Baoli Equestrian Club 北京宝利马术俱乐部

Founded in 2007, Beijing Baoli Equestrian Club is a council member of Western China Equestrian Promotion Association and a group member of China Horse Industry Association.

The club covers an area of more than 60 acres, and has more than 80 stables, with well-equipped stable facilities, and indoor and outdoor venues. The club has a total of more than 100 breeds of horses from the United States, Australia, Holland and other countries.

Beijing Baoli Equestrian Club ( Image Credit: 马拉马拉)

Add: 162 Caihe Xincun, Shahe Township, Changping, Beijing北京沙河镇踩河新村162号
Tel: 17710386750

9. Great Wall Sunshine Valley Horse Club 长城阳光山谷马术俱乐部

Horses: over 100 horses (European Warm-blood, Thoroughbred and local bred)
Brief introduction: This club is located at the foot of Badaling Great Wall. The horse club is composed of several independent sports and leisure arenas including horse riding, fitness and leisure and resort facilities, a modern horde club city.

It possesses the largest indoor horse riding arena, 3 outdoor riding training arenas, 200 professional stables, one horse hospital.

Add:8 Sunny Road, Badaling Town, Yanqing County, Beijing 延庆八达岭镇阳光路8号
Tel: 010-81182890

10. Beijing Western Giant Equestrian Club 西部巨人马术俱乐部

The Western Giant Equestrian Club is close to the downtown of Beijing. The club has about eight coaches, and more than 80 horses. The staff members are kind. Affordable and a nice place to learn to ride.

Beijing Western Giant Equestrian Club (Image Credit: nuomi.com)

Add: Opposite to 418 Bus Station at Heiqiao Village, Cuigezhuang, Chaoyang District, Beijing 朝阳区崔各庄黑桥村418车站院内
Tel: (010)64367122,13581961050

Our version of this “Top 10 Equestrian Clubs in Beijing” is more or less subjective, you need to search for more information before you choose any them. Good luck!


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