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Are you looking for places to go paintballing during your Beijing tour? Playing paintball games is getting increasingly popular among the white-collar young people here in Beijing, in group or individually.

There are a handful of real CS paintball clubs in and around Beijing.

SLB Paintball Shooting Range  森崊豹彩弹射击俱乐部
Add: in the Huayuan Lake Resort Valley, 2 km away from the beautiful Yanqi Lake in Huairou District, Beijing, where the APEC International Conference was held.
Official website:
Tel: 4006446966
40 bullets: RMB 120
60 bullets: RMB 150
80 bullets: RMB 200

Some photos taken from Huairou SLB Paintball Shooting Range

One coach is giving us a brief introduction on how to use a paintball gun and game rule.

One coach is giving us a brief introduction on how to use a paintball gun and game rule.
How to use a paintball gun
Change for the special clothes for playing paintball
Wearing vests to protect chests and backs
Before playing games, the players are taking a pose
Paintball guns orderly arranged on the desk
A paintball gun for lady

More paintball ranges in and around Beijing:

Qianwei Paintball Development Center(前卫匹特搏运动发展中心).
Add: Jia 2, Yangqiao Xili, South Third Ring Road, Fengtai District, Beijing 丰台区南三环中路洋桥西里甲2号
Te: 010-87297320

Tianpiao Real CS Paintball

59 Banpidian, Haidian District, Beijing
Tel: 010-88127429

Xiangshan Real Red CS Paintball
Add: 18, Zhenghuangqi, Fragrant Hill, Haidian District, Beijing
Tel: 82599808,82599606

Yuanmingyuan Paintball Field
Add: Located at the Old Summer Palace, East of Fuhai Lake, Beijing, China
Tel: 010-62576598

Olympic Sports Center CS Paintball
Add: 1 Andinglu, Andingmenwai, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
Tell;: 010-64921603

Wanfangting Paintball Shooting Range
Add:Wanfangting Park, Nansanhuan Zhong Lu, Fengtai District, Beijing
Tel: 67297230

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Any questions, just drop a line.

14 thoughts on “Paintball Beijing | Paintballing Beijing

  1. Are there any paintball places where I could take my son, 12 years old, and his friends? We live in Shunyi, Chaoyang district.

    Thank you

  2. Hello Daniela,

    You may go to Huairou Senlimo Real CS Paintball ( open all year round ).

    Add: Huayuan Lake Resort, the Nightless Valley of Yanxi, Huairou District, Beijing
    Tel: 010 89688619


    Note: it is better to have an English interpreter to escort you there since most of them speak little English.

  3. hiii, i live in shandong province, i want to know how many pinball places are in beijing?

  4. Hi Sameer,

    As far as I know, there is another Paintball known as Qianwei Paintball Development Center(前卫匹特搏运动发展中心).
    Add: Jia 2, Yangqiao Xili, South Third Ring Road, Fengtai District, Beijing 丰台区南三环中路洋桥西里甲2号
    Te: 010-87297320

  5. I’m wondering if there are paintball fields OUTSIDE OF BEIJING or SHANGHAI, in China? Where could I find this information?

    If it helps, in my case, I live in Nanchang, Jiangxi.


  6. Hello, i would like to go this it still open? is it going to be open this week end?

  7. Do you guys have wechat so er could communicate directly? how many person minimum can play?
    looking forward to hearing from you

  8. Dear Mike,

    This Paintball is closed till May 17, 2017. So the paintball will reopen starting from May 17, 2017.

    You need to reserve your shooting by calling the mobile: 13264459008 ( Ms Zheng ), or 010 89688619

    Have a nice time!

  9. Dear Mike,

    Just call Ms Zheng 13264459008 ( Mobile ) to book your paintball.

  10. Dear Kian,

    As far as I know, there is no age restriction on taking part in the paintball in Beijing provided that young people under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

  11. Dear Samira,

    Basically you can. But in what kind of the way to celebrate her birthday. Have a nice time!

  12. Dear all,
    any Paintball Field around Shanghai? Onyl found a small LaserTag Field so far.

    Thank you


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