Beijing Autumn Travel Tips

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Plan your Beijing Tour in autumn? No matter what you call it – fall, autumn, or ”秋天” in Chinese – this season is an ideal time to visit Beijing. As is the case with many places China, when the oppressive summer heat has faded, it gives way for the awesome weather you could experience in a year.

Autumn hues by the side of Jinhai Lake, Pinggu District Beijing

Beijing Autumn Travel Tips is for your reference. Hopefully it will help you plan an unforgettable Beijing Foliage Tour, or Beijing Autumn Tour.
1. Duration of Beijing Autumn?
Usually Beijing autumn lasts two months from mid September to mid November.
The best time to view autumn colourful leaves ranges from mid October to mid November.
Note: You are advised not to travel Beijing during the National Holiday ( October 1 – 07 ), and avoid the huge crowds of domestic tourist in China.
2. Temperature in Beijing Autumn ?
The autumn temperature in the two month time varys slightly in the first month and falls for the second month.
Mid September – Mid October: between 15 and 25 degrees
Casual dress code:
Mid October – Mid November: between 8 and 18 degrees
You will feel a little warmer during the height of the day, but it’ll cool down in the evenings.
In any case, it’s wise to check the current forecast for Beijing Climate.
3. What do I wear for Beijing autumn travel?
Fairly big difference in temperature between early morning and afternoon.
Wear a jacket, or a warm coat in the morning, long-sleeve shirts or short T-shirts in the afternoon. So be mindful of the temperture difference in Autumn.
Comfortabel sportshoes, rubber soled shoes for hiking.
In afternoon, sometimes the autumn sunlight could be very strong, get ready for sunglasses, suncream and sun hat.
4. Mountain climbing and Great Wall hiking in Autumn
Autumn is the ideal time for mountain climbing and great wall hiking. In the course of walking and hiking, people are easy to get wet through. Loosen your clothes and take time out to let your body cool down. Don’t go to the extreme and let the mountain wind to blow over you for long time. It is easy to get cold after tiring clamber.
Take enough water. Beijing autumn is very dry. Walking and hiking makes you need more water.
Get away with flowers if you are allergic to colorful or scented flowers.
Be mindful of snakes and harmful insects.
5. What do I eat for autumn travel?
Autumn outing could reduce your energy, making you easily feel hungry. Take some snacks, eggs, peanuts, or chocolate in particular, and enough water.
6. Handy medicine for autumn travel
Get read for trauma medicine – band aid, gentian violet, alcohol-cotton, antiphlogistic powder…

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