Song Zhuang Village

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Song Zhuang Village is a Haven for Artists Around the Globe

During the 1980s, a group of artists settled in a small village outsideBeijingto pursue their passion and preserve their art from getting lost. These artists lived poorly as there were no patrons for their art, but despite the odds they persisted.

At the turn of the century, their luck also changed dramatically. The economic development inChinaled the neorich to purchase Chinese art. This village called Song Zhuang shot to national fame as more and more artists found a haven in it for themselves. Today, it comprises the biggest artistic community in the world.

The History of Song Zhuang Village
Those who have visited Chinaon study abroad tours and gap year programs witnessed a nation that is growing at a tremendous rate. The economic activity has gathered a pace that surpasses most of the developing nations and it is this spirit that has helped the nation become one of the most powerful economies on the planet. Anywhere that one goes on China travel, there will be evidence of an enterprising spirit not only among organizations inChina but also in people.

An artist from Songzhuang Village

But critics from around the world have criticized this fast-paced race to develop the economy. According to many,Chinais developing at the cost of its ancient culture and art, the focus of which has shifted in favor of the economic endeavors. These critics maintain that the country where rockets were first created and which has a history of over 3000 years would lose that magnificent inheritance as its citizens adopt western traits.

1 from Songzhuang Village


Today, modern supermarkets, multiplexes and other such urban features have become a rage inChina. For example, people are opting for Playstation and Xbox rather than Wushu. The traditional art of Chinese calligraphy is waning as the nation grapples with new-found wonders of the modern world.

2 from Songzhuang Village

It is ironical that students on study abroad programs who are learning Chinese inChina practice calligraphy for the brief stint of their stay, whereas the Chinese themselves are focusing on learning English rather than their native art form.

3 from Songzhuang Village


But these critics should travel toChinato see, if nothing else, the Song Zhuang village which is located in the Tongzhou District lying on the eastern suburbs ofBeijing. The existence of this village turns tables on the critics and gives an emphatic rebuttal. Believe it or not, this village consists of only artists and is the biggest single community of artists in the world! There are more than 2000 artists currently living in this village today.

TheSongZhuangVillagewas set up in the 1980s when many artists settled here to pursue their passion. They also wanted to ensure that their art form does not get lost. However, they lived with limited means as there were no patrons of their art.

5 from Songzhuang Village

All that changed with the development and growth of the Chinese economy and the neorich showed an interest in and favored the art created by the village inhabitants. The luck of the artists living in this village changed and they started thriving.

Soon artists from all over the country began arriving here as the village became popular as a haven for painters, sculptors, calligraphers and photographers. Today it has risen to international fame and artists from across the world make it a point to include Song Zhuang in their Chinatour itinerary.

7 from Songzhuang Village

Chinese contemporary art is thriving because of Song Zhuang. There is an open air market which offers some of the most artistic creations for art lovers. There is also an annual festival that attracts artists from all over the world.

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