Miao Feng Shan Goddess Temple, Miao Feng Shan Niang Niang Temple

Miao Feng Shan ( or Mt. Maofengshan ) is one of the famous mountains in the suburbs of Beijing. Miao Feng Shan literally means “mountain with beautiful peak”.

It is located in Mengtougou District, about 55km west of Beijing downtown. Its highest peak reaches the sea-level of1291 meters, occupying 20 square kilometers. Mt. Miao Feng Shan is famous for its old temple, queer rock, unique pine trees and rare flowers.

The highlight or the most valuable asset of Miao Feng Shan is the Miao Feng Shan Goddess Temple, or locally referred as Niang Niang Miao ( 娘娘庙 ). The Goddess Temple at Miao Feng Shan is dedicated to Bixia Yuanjun (碧霞元君), also known as the “Heavenly Jade Maiden” ( 天仙玉女 )or the “Empress of Mount Tai” (泰山娘娘).

According to one of the legends, she is the daughter of the Emperor Lord of Mount Tai. Statues of Bixia Yuanjun often depict her holding a tablet with the Big Dipper as a symbol of her authority.

Bixia Yuanjun has given Mt. Miao Feng Shan a reputation in the whole China. The legend has it that the pilgrims come to have their petitions before their goddess, the lame can be made to walk, the ill can be cured, prosperity can be brought to merchants, and longed for children can be given.

For every year from the first to fifteenth of the “fourth month” of Chinese lunar calendar, there is a pilgrimage. During these 15 days, a great number of pilgrims flock to the shrine in the temple. Though there is a direct tar-road leading to the temple. Most of the pilgrims hike along the ancient pilgrimage trail to the Miao Feng Shan Goddess Temple. Some sources say that the daily pilgrimage volume reaches over five hundred thousand.

The pilgrimage at Miao Feng Shan can be dated back to the of 1629 in the late Ming Dynasty ( 1368 – 1644). The Miao Feng Shan Temple was built in Yuan Dynasty ( 1279 – 1368 ) when Yuan built Beijing city. The pilgrimage was halted both during the Anti-Japanese War ( 1937 – 1945 ) and Cultural Revolution ( 1966 – 1976 ). The pilgrims are not just from Beijing, they also come from Tianjin, Shanghai and other parts of China.

Bixia Yuanjun is a holy lady in Taoism. But Miao Feng Shan Goddess Temple is actually a temple combining three religions in one – Taoist, Buddhist and Confucius.

Entrance Fee ( Also covering the entrance to Mt. Miao Feng Shan itself)
RMB 40 Per Person
Administration Phone: 010 – 61882936
Complaint Phone: 010 – 69843710

Major Activities at Mt.Miao Feng Shan Scenic Area
Late March – Late April: Peach Flower Festival
01 – 15 of Fourth Month of Chinese Lunar Calender: Traditional Pilgrimage
Late May – Mid June: Rose Festival
Late July -Late August: Summer Cooling and Leisure Travel
01 – 15 of Eighth Month of Chinese Lunar Calendar: Autumn Pilgrimage
September  – November: Autumn Foliage
Spring festival: Pray for the New Year

Photo Show of Miao Feng Shan Goddess Temple

Walking up to Huiji Temple which enshrines the Goddess – Bixia Yuanjun
Huiji Temple Exterior – Huiji Temple is composed of 8 shrines including Bixia Yuanjun – The Goddess
Inside Huiji Temple – It is a typical courtyard with the main house as the shrine of the Goddess.
This is Ling Gan Palace. The emperor Qianlong granted this palace the name of Ling Gan ( Inspiration ) Palace. Enshrined are five Taoist Yan Jun ( goddess )- Bixia Yuanjun as well as other five Taoist goddesses.
This is Guan Yin Hall. Guan Yin (Avalokitesvara, the Goddess of Mercy), is one of the four Bodhisattvas of Buddhism, she has 33 incarnations. Yang Liu Guan Yin (Holding a poplar and a willow in hand ) is enshrined here.
Di Zuang Hall ( Ksitigarbha ) – One of the four Bodhisattvas of Buddhism.
Yao Wang Hall ( Bhaisajyaraja)
Cai Shen Hall ( The God of Wealth )
The White Pagoda in front of the Huijin

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