Beijing Agricultural Carnival

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If you are planning your Beijing tour from March through May, you may consider to add Beijing Agricultural Carnival on your visiting list. Beijing Agricultural Carnival (北京农业嘉年华) is an annual event to be held in the Strawberry Expo Garden in Xingshou Town, Changping District, about 50km north of Beijing city center.

Beijing Agricultural Carnival Past and Present
The First Beijing Agricultural Carnival ( March 23 – May 12, 2013 )
The 2nd Beijing Agricultural Carnival (March 15- May 04, 2014 )
The 3rd Beijing Agricultural Carnival ( March 13 – May 03, 2015 )

Venue: Strawberry Expo Garden in Xingshou Town (兴寿镇), Changping District, Beijing

Entrance Fee: Adult: 50 yuan; Students ( primary and high school): 25 yuan; Children under the height of 1.2 meters (accompanied): Free of charge.

How to get there:
Public Transport: Take Subway Line 5 to Tiantongyuan Bei Station (天通苑北站) and then transfer onto Bus 537 or Chang 59 and get off at the stop of Xiangtun Stop 香屯站.

Carnival Organization and Sponsorship
The annual event is mainly organized by the local Changping District Government and Beijing Government. From the third carnival, the surrounding provinces and cities like Tianjin and Hebei Province join in to sponsor the event.

At the event, hundreds of enterprises from the agricultural sector at home and abroad will attend the event, and a total of over one million visitors are expected to tour the science-fiction-film like carnival.

The Beijing Agricultural Carnival Briefing
The agricultural carnival is aimed at the local residents, domestic and oversea visitors. Beijing Agricultural Carnival is a festival blending agriculture with the recreational carnival and, a new and innovative practice to develop urban agriculture.

The carnival is designed to to create an urban agricultural event that combines agricultural production, ecology, leisure, education and experiment.

The Carnival Layout
Basically, the agricultural carnival is laid out with a total area of 1000 mu (666,666 m2) which is mainly composed of so called “Three Halls”, “Two Parks” and “One Belt”.

The “Three Halls” refer to the three exhibition halls – Agricultural High-end Products Hall, Agricultural Innovation Hall and Agricultural Experience Hall. “Two Parks” here refer to the Carnival Park and Agricultural Experimental Happiness Park. “One Belt” here indicates the picking area for strawberries.

The Beijing Agricultural Carnival Features
1. Interaction and Experience
In each exhibition hall or garden, you will have the chance to experience or learn about the agriculture-related activities. In Tianjin Exhibition Hall, you can view the sea and go fishing; in Hebei Hall, you can learn how to make and taste an authentic wine and more.

2. Recreational Activities
It is an agricultural carnival. So the name suggests, the event does have plentiful recreational activities around each exhibition hall, including small trains, bumper cars, challenger shuttle airplanes, village stages, interesting agricultural activities and parades. The west part of the expo has a children-friendly game area where kids happily play and enjoy at 5D Move Theatre, Egypt Adventure, 3D Ghost City and so on.

3. Eating and Drinking at the Carnival
In the Food House in the Carnival Themed Garden, you will taste Old Beijing snacks, Taiwan food, and delicious foods from other parts of China.

Some Pictures from the carnival:

Carnival Photo 1

Carnival Photo 1

Carnival Photo 2

Carnival Photo 2

Carnival Photo 3

Carnival Photo 3

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