The Spring of West Lake in Hangzhou

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Plan your Hangzhou tour? If you happen to visit Hangzhou in spring, later March and early April, you will be intoxicated by the blooming peach flowers,  the weeping willow trees that indicate the coming of the West Lake spring in Hangzhou.

The preferable place to see the brilliant spring atmosphere is Bai Causeway and Gushan Island on West Lake.

A scenic walk along Bai Causeway  starting from the legendary Broken Bridge allows you to feel the fresh spring, appreciating the peach blossoms and weeping willow trees, escorted by the green Baoshi Hill in the north topped by the slender Baoshu Pagoda.

Weeping Willow Trees and Boating on the Lake.


The Legendary Broken Bridge


Pink, Red and White Peach Blossoms and green willows


Enjoy the paradise of the West Lake spring.


Baoshu Pagoda atop Baoshi Hill in the north of West Lake


The colorful Bai Causeway


A scenic walk along Bai Causeway


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