Magpies and a Black Cat

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In Changqiao Park, a tourist threw a piece of plastic food wrapping paper on the lawn on the side of the road.

Magpies and a Black Cat

It appeared that there was still some food left on or around the food wrapping paper. Several magpies flew down from the trees to eat food. 

Magpies and a Black Cat

A moment later, a black cat came slowly towards the plastic paper. It appeared that she also wanted to share the delicious food.

Magpies and a Black Cat

Magpies had no choice but to go away. The black cat enjoyed the food alone.

Magpies and a Black Cat

During this period, magpies tried to scare the black cat away for several times.

The black cat was very alert to Magpie’s action, but from time to time he kept his head down, eating the food.

Magpies on a tree

Note: Changqiao Park is located in the south-east corner of West Lake in Hangzhou. Hangzhou is my home town, about 3-hour’s drive south of Shanghai, China.

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