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Hanting Inns & Hotels is my favorite, a home on the journey. Having been in travel business over 20 years, I’ve lost much passion for so called luxury hotels and prefer low-profile but cozy and quiet hotels like what Hanting Express Chains could offer. 

My affection for Hanting Inns & Hotels is much related to its founder and steersman – Ji Qi, who is also a low-profile yet influential  businessman as well as a scholar.  

Of the 35 Hangting inns & hotels in Hangzhou,  I most like Hanting Express ( Xihu Meiyuan Hangzhou).  As its Chinese name (Xihu Meiyuan) suggests, it is located just a few steps to the east of China Academy of Art on the Nanshan Road. Nanshan Road (South Hill Road) is a bar street similar to the Houhai bar street in Beijing or Lan Kwai Fong in Hong Kong.  

In addition,  Hanting Express ( Xihu Meiyuan Hangzhou) is only a 50-meter’s walk from the West Lake! Stay in this Hanting hotel can easily feed my hungry eyes for West Lake after long absence.  

Plan your Hangzhou tour? If you are interested in an economic hotel which can make you feel at home with a piece of love, you may choose Hanting Inns & Hotels, specially the Hanting Express (Xihu Meiyuan Hangzhou).  

Add: 218-5, Nanshan Road, Hangzhou (China Academy of Art)
地址:杭州市南山路218-5号(中国美院) Postal Code: 310002
Tel:  0571-87066992

The exterior of Hanting Express Xihu Mieyuan Hangzhou
The front desk and lobby
A king-size room
Hi-fi and a flat screen TV
A clean washing room
Hanting Express Xihu Meiyuan Hangzhou is located by Nanshan Road, a famous bar street in Hangzhou.
The West Lake is just a 50-meter walk across Nanshan Road.

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