Hangzhou Airport Taxi, Taxis at Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport

Plan your Hangzhou tour? This article offers your some useful Hangzhou airport taxi tips if you are going to take a taxi when you arrive at Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport.  

After disembarking and claiming your checked luggage, you will be in the arrival hall.  On your right hand is the ticketing office for airport shuttle buese and on your left hand is the taxi stand where arrival passengers lining up for taxis.   In the arrival hall, you will see a huge signboard pointing either to Taxi stand and shuttle bus ticket office.

A huge signboard pointing either to Taxi stand and shuttle bus ticket office.

Below is the offcial distance and price list for the taxis to various places in and beyond Hangzhou:  

Taxi Price List for the places outside Hangzhou:

  1. Downtown Hangzhou: 35Km approxi. RMB 100
  2. Kejiao: 40KM RMB175
  3. Shaoxing: 50KM RMB220
  4. Cixi: 115Km RMB490
  5. Ningbo: 160KM RMB680
  6. Xiangshan: 235KM RMB1000
  7. Tiantai: 185KM RMB780
  8. Linhai: 226KM RMB 880
  9. Huangyan: 290KM RMB1200
    10.Wenzhou: 380KM RMB1600
    11.Zhuji: 90KM RMB380
    12.Yiwu: 135KM RMB570
  10. Dongyang: 160KM RMB670
  11. Jinhua: 190KM RMB900
  12. Quzhou: 300KM RMB1250
  13. Lingshui: 290KM RMB1250
  14. Fuyang: 90KM RMB370
  15. Jiande: 200KM RMB830
  16. Jiaxing: 145KM RMB600
  17. Haining: 110KM RMB 460
  18. Tongxiang: 105KM RMB430
  19. Huzhou: 140KM RMB590
  20. Shanghai: 215KM RMB920
  21. Wuxi: 260KM RMB1100
  22. Suzhou: 200KM RMB840
  23. Nanjing: 400KM RMB1650

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4 thoughts on “Hangzhou Airport Taxi, Taxis at Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport

  1. Is there any taxi service at Hangzhou International airport after midnight? Any extra charge after midnight? what is the maximum no. of persons for each trip?

  2. Hi Tan chou guan,

    Yes, taxis are available 24 hour a day in Hangzhou airport. As far as I know, no extra charge for night taxi ride. For normal taxis, they can accommodate 4 persons with two large pieces of luggage.

  3. Flying in from Beijing to Hangzhou. Arriving at 2 am in the morning. After collecting luggage, it is probably 2.30 am to 3am: Going to Hangting Hotel near the airport, only 6 to 8 kms away. Would it be a problem to get a taxi for such a short distance and what is the estimated fare.

  4. Dear Jade,

    I don’t have the experience taking a taxi for such a short distance near the airport. Basically, as far as I know it costs about 20 yuan.

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