Makye Ame Lhasa Restaurant – Your Kitchen in Lhasa

Plan your Lhasa tour? After performing kora, the pilgrim path along Barkhor Street circling the exterior of Jokhang Temple, you may relax at a Tibetan restaurant and sip a cup of Tibetan milk tea for refreshment.

On the southeast corner of Barkhor Street, there stands a three-storey yellow Tibetan type building. This is the well known “Makye Ame Tibetan Restaurant (玛吉阿米)”, radiant with Tibetan cuisine and culture.

The first floor is for toilet and kitchen. The second and top floor are for the main dining and drinking. The third floor is actually a huge open roof partially covered with a Tibetan style canopy offfering better views of the surrounding area including Jokhang Temple and Barkhor Street below.

Beside traditional Tibetan food and new type of food, they also cook good quality western food including Indian and Nepal food and vegetarian food as well.

While waiting for your order or in the course of your eating, you may read the message from the notebooks on the shelf in the middle of the top floor. If you have passion, you can also write down your feeling and thinking about yourself and your Lhasa trip on a notebook…

The restaurant runs from 8:30am to the last client, almost 24 hours service. In the peak time of a day, lunch and dinner time, phone booking in advance is necessary. Phone number: 0891-6328608.

Makye Ame Tibetan Restaurant is located on the southeast corner of Barkhor Street.

Makye Ame Tibetan Restaurant is located on the southeast corner of Barkhor Street.

The traditional building has over 300-year history,  which blend modernity, tradition and fashion effortlessly. 

The traditional building has over 300-year history.

On the top floor
Tibetan food
Vegetarian food
Nepal food.
interesting notebooks left over by previous diners
Reading the message from a notebook

Tea Break

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