Get around in Lhasa with Pedicab or Trishaw

lan your Lhasa tour? You may wonder which means of public transportation you should use to get around the city of Lhasa. For a foreign visitor on a short stay in Lhasa, taking a cab is a most popular way of traveling aroun the city. Lhasa taxis are seen everywher in the busy areas in the city.  

Beside the cabs running on the streets, you can easily find a great number of pedicabs or trishaws shuttling on the streets of Lhasa. You can hail a tricycle almost everywhere in the city center.  

All the trishaw drivers are clothed in uniform, a kind of green vests in summer. All the pedicabs are registered with a specific number.

For a trishaw ride in the downtown for about 10 minite, it will cost you around CNY 10. The trishaw fare is not fixed and to be negotiated.   They can hold two passengers at a time.

So please first ask for a price before you get in. Most of the local trishaw drivers are very easy to deal with. You don’t have to be so protective.  

Once I had an experience taking a cab from my lodging hotel on East Beijing Road to the Lhasa CAAC building which was the starting point for airport shuttle for Lhasa Airport.

Mainly due to the peak hour in a day, I waited for half hour and still couldn’t catch a cab. While being worried about flight home, a tricycle driver waved to me. Suddenly I found many trishaws on the streets.

After a simple negotiation, we made a deal at CNY10 from our lodging hotel – Gangjian Hotel to the CAAC Building lying to the east of Potala Palace.  

We were on the way to the CAAC building for the airport bound shutte bus.

Riding a trishaw is a fun as well as a unique angle through which you see another side of Lhasa City.  

Hassle-free Lhasa Guided Tours

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