Beijing Snow 2011, the First Snow in Beijing for the year 2011

At 7:00am this morning, I’m still a little surprised to find that our residential block has been white blanketed by a light snow, though I did get the snow broadcast yesterday. 
It is the first snowfall in Beijing for the new year 2011! In addition, it has been the latest first snow in Beijing in a year for the past 60 years!!
After simple and quick washing, I take out my camera and shoot some pictures of our snow blanketed compound through my windows in my apartment both in the south and north.
Finishing my breakfast, I take the lift down and take the 20-minute walk to my office as usual. But today is a different day, a snowing day with all the trees and houses covered with a thin layer of snow, making everything surreal, no matter it is ugly or pretty. I can’t help shooting the pictures on my way to work!
Snow renders you a peaceful mind, though momentary.
Snow in our residential block shot through my window
Snow in our housing area seen from window in the north
On the road before my apartment in my housing area
Cleaning the snow in the middle of my housing area.
White blanketed cars parking outside our residential area.
Slow life and better life
Two – early birds – strolling in the compound.
Escorting the kid to kindergarden.
shovelling the snow off the path.
Riding in the snow, watch out!
The main street with pavement anti-freezing agent
Hard working breakfast vendor

One thought on “Beijing Snow 2011, the First Snow in Beijing for the year 2011

  1. I woke up like 8 30am because I can hear shovels outside. I went to balcony, half asleep and stretched. when I opened my blinds- viola!!! all white!! I suddenly ached to eat biscuits and milk. I ate my breakfast by the window. it is soo cold but its all worth it. I love you sky.

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