Transportation at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport

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My plane lands safely at 17:20 as scheduled at Hongqiao International Airport. Shanghai Hongqiao Internatinal Airport has been reconstructed and expanded mainly due to the opening of Shanghai Expo. Now it has two terminals – T1 and T2. Terminal 2 is for domestic flights and Terminal 1 for international flights.
While waiting for my checked baggage, I take a picture of the brand new lugagge claim area.  

Baggage claim area in terminal 2 at Shanghai Hongqiao airport

Rolling my luaggae cart towards the exit, by the gate, I find see some signs instructing people to use Shanghai Transportation :  Shanghai Subway,  Shanghai Bus,  and bullet trains for Hangzhou . Now Metro Line 2 has been extended to Hongqiao International Airport . So you can easily take subway from the airport directly to the major areas in Shanghai.
 Public Transportation Signs by the exit at arrival Hall in Terminal 2
Outside the exit gate, I notice a long and large signboard pointing to the directions for taxi waiting area, free ferry buses to Terminal 1 and other public transportation tools like public buses, shuttle buses and subway.

A hug sign on how to take a ferry bus to Terminal 1, take a taxi and other public transportation

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