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From today, October 06, 2010, I join a two-week fam trip to Shanghai, Huangshan, Chengdu, Jiuzhaigou and Yangtze River Cruise. My first stop is Shanghai. I take Air China flight no. CA1515 and depart from Terminal 3.
 The check-in counters both for domestic and international departures are on the 4th floor of the main building at Terminal 3. The passage to the international departure waiting hall is in the middle. Flanking the international passage are two passages to domestic departure hall on the third floor.  
There are over 58 gates in the domestic deparure hall starting the letter C ( C01, C02, C03……till C58). Below is the floor plan:
Floor Plan of Beijing airport domestic departure hall
My departure gate is C02, the eastern tip of the second floor in the main building, quite a long walk from the security check area.
Beijing Domestic Departure Gate C02
Departure Lounge at Gate C02 for my flight to Shanghai CA1515 leaving Beijing at 15:30
Today good luck follows me. My seat No. 45A is an exit seating. One Air hostess approaches me giving me some instruction on how to behave as an exit seating passenger. Below is the photo copy of official notice on the exit seating.
eat NO. 45A, an exit seating with spacious area in front od my seat
Exit Seating Passenger Information

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