How to visit Songyang Academy

Songyang Shuyuan is known in English as Songyang Academy, which was a type of prvate school in ancient China. Different from national-level academy and district-level schools, shuyuan (academies) were usually private establishments constructed away from towns and cities, offering a quiet environment where scholars and students could pursue learning, studies and thinking without outside distractions.

The shuyuan (academies) originated in the Tang Dynasty ( 618-907) and further developed in the successive dynasties of Song, Ming, Qing. They were places where scholars could teach and study the classics.

Songyang Academy was named “Songyang Temple” when it was originally built in Beiwai Dynasty (484AD). In Sui Dynasty, it was renamed “Songyang Taoist Temple”.  In 1035, it was rebuilt and renamed “Songyang Academy”. Many famous confucian scholars  came here lecturing and studying. Songyang Academy was known as one of the Four Great Academies of the Northern Song (960–1127‎) almost in the same period when University of Oxford 1096 was founded in the UK.

Songyang Academy was listed as World Culture Heritage together with other famous sites including Shaolin Temple and Zhongyue Temple under the title “Historic Monuments of Dengfeng” in “The Centre of Heaven and Earth” in 2010.

Now Songyang Academy is located 3km north of Dengfeng City, easily accessible by taking a taxi or public bus No.02. Normally people visit Songyang Academy together with Zhongyue Temple for a half day tour. You may first visit Zhongyue Temple, then take the public bus no.02 directly from Zhongyue Temple to Songyang Academy.

Well, many travelers prefer to visit Shaolin Temple (Buddhism) first, then visit Zhongyue Temple(Taoism), and Songyang Academy(Confucianism).  Please follow me into the compound of the ancient academy – Songyang Academy.

The main entrance to Songyang Academy, Chinese traditinal up eaved building with a placard hung above with four Chinese charactors – Songyang Academy.

The main entrance to Songyang Academy

The main entrance to Songyang Academy
Have a close look at the gate to Songyang Academy
Have a close look at the gate to Songyang Academy
There are two ancient cypress trees with over 4,500 years old, General Cypress and Second General Cypress, the names of which are said to be given by Wu Emperor in West Han Dynasty in 110BC when he visited Mt. Songshan.

General Cypress 

General Cypress
Second General Cypress
Second General Cypress
Classrooms at Songyang Academy
Classrooms at Songyang Academy
Songyang Academy Phone Numbers
Enquiry: 0371 6872138
Complaint: 0371 62873444
Entrance Ticket: RMB30

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