Wuyishan Railway Station, Train Station in Wuyishan

Plan your Wuyishan Tour? Wuyishan is easily accessible by train, flight and overland. Many passing-by trains stop at Wuyishan, which come from Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang, Xian, Nanjing, Hefei, Luoyang, Fuzhou and Xiamen.

Wuyishan Railway Station is located 5km south of Wuyishan City proper, 4km north of Wuyishan Airport and 10 north of Wuyi Mountain National Holiday Resort. The 15km north-south Wuyi Avenue connects Wuyishan City proper, Wuyishan Train Station, Wuyishan Airport and Wuyishan National Holiday Resort.

Wuyishan Railway Station was completed 1997, a small train station built mainly for the local booming travel market.

Wuyishan Railway Station
Add: Zhanqian Avenue, Wuyishan, Fujian
Train Enquiry: 0599 – 5102688, 835233
Tourism complaint; 0599-5250600, or 0599-12315
Post Code: 354300

Wuyishan platform
We arrived on time at 6:17am from Beijing by taking overnight train Z57 with its final destination at Fuzhou. We left the train and discovered Wuyishan Train Station has a clean platform. The pillars on the platform are all circled with commercial signboards.



The pillars on the platform are all curled with commercial signboards

Wuyishan Railway Stations’ Exit is on the left side if you face the train station. We carried our luggage and moved on to the square in front of square. Some people came to us fighting for taxi and hotel booking service. 
Wuyishan Railway Stations’ Exit is on the left side if you face the train station
Waiting Hall in the middle
The waiting hall is in the middle of the Train Station in Wuyishan. If you leave Wuyi Shan by train, You are supposed to arrive at Wuyishan Railway Station at least half hour departure.
Waiting Hall in the middle
Train Ticket Booking
The train ticket booking office is located on the right side the Middle Hall in Wuyishan.Wuyishan Railway Station Taxi

When we exited from the train station, we found many taxis waiting on the square in front of main building of Wuyishan Railway Station. At first we were quite cautious about taking a taxi in Wuyishan since there were some cases of taxi ripping off here. 
many taxis waiting on the square in front of main building of Wuyishan Railway Station

We gave up the idea of taking the bus No.06 from Wuyishan Train Station to Wuyishan National Holiday Resort. Later we knew that if we would like take a public bus, say, Bus No 06, we had to walk another 2km to the crossroad, where we can take the buses operating on Wuyi Avenue either driving 5km north to the city of Wuyishan or driving 10km to the Wuyishan National Holiday Resort.

We spotted a taxi topped by a sign indicating that its driver was a Chinese Communist Party Members telling people that the driver would be honest. Ok, decided to use his special model taxi. Our driver was a former serviceman and took part in the Chinese Community Party when he was in the military. 

Ok, decided to use his special model taxi.

After a brief talking, we agreed on the taxi rate of RMB 20 from Wuyishan Train Station to Wuyishan National Holiday Resort. Later he turned to be a very good taxi driver in Wuyishan. If you travel to Wuyishan, you may use his service, warm, helpful and knowledgable.

Wuyishan Railway Station Buses
We did find a bus stop jus outside the Wuyishan Train Station. It was Bus No.02, mainly operating between the station and the Wuiyishan city center.

If you like to take a public bus instead of taking a taxi, you walk from Wuyishan Train Station along Zhanqian LU ( Avenue in front of the station building ) for approx. 20 minutes, then you easily see passing by Buses No.06 running along Wuyi Avenue.

Wuyishan Rail Station Travel Tips
1. Train Station – Airport 4km (driving south) taxi fare RMB10
2. Train Station – Wuyishan Resort 10km (driving south) taxi fare: RMB20
3. Train Station – Wuyishan City 5km (driving north) Taxi 10
4. Bus No 6. liking Wuyishan City, Wuyishan Resort and Xing Cun ( Bamboo Rafting Dock )

Tip:  Hassle-free Wuyishan Guided Tours
If you don’t want to go the do-it-yourself route and prefer the hassle-free escorted tours,  here are some options for Wuyishan Guided Tours:

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