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Planning your Wuyishan tour? Wuyi Palace in Wuyi Mountains is an interesting sight. It could refer to the following three meanings:

1. Wuyi Palace Scenic Area
2. Wuyi Palace itself
3. A place name, an address

Wuyi Palace Scenic Area
Wuyi Palace Scenic Area is one of the core attration areas in Mount Wuyi Scenic Area. The other core scenic areas in Wuyi Mountains are “Heavenly Tour Peak Nine Bend River Rafting” Area, “Roaring Tiger Rock A Thread of Sky” Area and “Water Curtain Cave Da Hong Pao” Area.
The main attractions at Wuyi Palace Scenic Area are the 3000-meter Song Dynasty Street, Mount Wuyi Museum, Sanqing Hall, Great King Peak, Manting Peak, Lion Peak, Huangu Rock, Sangu Rock, Chucius Memorial Hall (a famous scholar and philosopher in Song Dynasty) and Liuyong Memorial Hall ( a well known poet ). It is a scenic area which mingles natural landscape, gardening, architecture, history and culture.

Wuyi Palace Scenic Area is located at the foot of Dawang Peak ( Great King Peak), next to the first bend of Nine Bend River. Cuy by Chongyang Stream, Wuyi Palace Scenic Area is just opposite Wuyi National Holiday Resort.

Usually people will visit Wuyi Palace Scenic Area after bamboo rafting on the Nine Bend River since Wuyi Palace Scenic Area is just next to the finishing point for the bamboo rafting.

Visiting Wuyi Palace Scenic Area takes approx. 1-2 hours. Often people would put Nine Bend River Rafting and Wuyi Palace Scenic Area on a half day tour.

The 300 meter Song Street representing the life and culture dating back to 800 years.

The 300 meter Song Street representing the life and culture dating back to 800 years.

Wuyi Palace itself
Wuyi Palace was first built in the Tianbao years (742-755) during the Tang dynasty. The Wuyi Palace is the oldest Taoist palace in the Wuyi Mountains a place of sacrificial offering for the Spirit Lord of Wuyi Mountains by the emperors in all the dynasties. It was also one of the famous six palaces of Taoism in Song Dynasty.

In Song dynasty, the Wuyi Palace was expanded to accommodate over 300 halls in the Song Dynasty. In mid autumn every year, sacrificial ceremonies would be held in honor of Lord Wuyi and the Venerable Royal Lady.

In the past Wuyi Palace was repaired in different dynasties. After several fires, man made damages and the wars, there are now only a few empty rooms left. The two cherry bays of 800-900 years old in the yard are still alive left from Song Dynasty. All round revamp of Wuyi Palace is on the swing with the fast development of tourism in Mount Wuyi.

The Entrance to Wuyi Palace 
The Entrance to Wuyi Palace

A place name – the Entrance to the Core of Wuyishan Scenic Area
Wuyi Palace is locally regarded as a place – the entrance to the core of Wuyishan Scenic Area. Usually visitors would come to Wuyi Palace to take shuttle buses to different attractions since Wuyi Palace is just next to the Shuttle Bus Terminal.

So very often “Wuyi Palace” is equivalent to the “Starting Point for visiting Wuyishan Scenic Area”. In the morning, if people are going to Wuyi Palace, most probably they will take the shuttle bus at Wuyi Palace and start their whole sightseeing, not exactly visit Wuyi Palace at that particular time.

Visitors must use the shuttle buses operated by Wuyishan Scenic Area. A shuttle bus terminal at Wuyi Palace.

A shuttle bus terminal at Wuyi Palace
Shuttle Bus Information
Service Hotline: 0599 – 5134110
Dispatching Line: 0599 – 5134100
Complain & Assist: 0599 – 2522884

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