How to Visit Fujian, a coastal province in southeast China

Today is an important day for with its new section of Fujian Tour going online. Fujian is a coastal province in southeast China. It is located just across the Taiwan Strait, abutting Zhejiang to the north, Jiangxi to the west, and Guangdong to the south with 3051km coastline.
What to see in Fujian
Normally Fujian is not a hot tourist destination for the first time international travelers. It is often neglected unfairly in comparison to its plentiful tourism resources. Speaking of Fujian, instantly what catches my eyes are the world famous attractions like Wuyishan, Yongding Tulou Buildings in Longyan, Taining Lake (Danxia Landform) in Sanming, Gulangyu Isle in Xiamen, and many more. Three sites are listed as UNESCO World Heritage – Wuyi Mountains, Yongsing Tulou Buildings and Danxia Landform in Taining in Sanming City.
The popular destinations in Fujian are Xiamen, WuyishanFuzhou (capital city of Fujian Province), NanpingSanming, Longyan, QuanzhouZhangzhou and Putian. If you are not clear of their locations, you may check the Fujan Tourist Travel Route below:

Fujian Travel Route map
All the major destinations are linked either by highways and railways.
How to visit Fujian
Fujian is easily accessible by railways and highways within the whole province. The big cities like Fuzhou, Xiamen and Wuyishan have direct flights to the major cities in China like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou… Below is my suggested travel route to visit the major attractions and destinations in Fujian:
Day 01: Arrival in Wuyi Mountains by flight or train in the morning.
Aftrnoon tour starts with the visit to Tianyou Mountain Scenic Area, located about 15 kilometers to the south of Wuyishan City. Tianyou Mountain is also called the First Wonderland of Wuyishan. Climbing up the mountainmakesyou feel like being in the heaven palace. After lunch, continue to visit Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe) and and Water Curtain Cave Scenic Area. This magical and charming valley produces the best tea in Wuyishan and is a quite and amazing place. This is an absolute must. Back to your hotel at Wuyishan 
Day 02: Wuyishan
Today’highlight is drifting down the Nine Bend Stream by bamboo raft! The winding stream spread through the green cliffs, so you can enjoy the elegant scenes on the bamboo raft. The rafts are bamboo rafts with about six seats. You are provided with life jackets. Two drivers use long poles to control the craft down the water. The landscape is fabulous with sheer cliffs and tall mountains. The cruise down all nine bends stream takes 2-3 hours. After lunch, visit Wuyi Palace, the oldest palace in the Wuyi Mountain.  Back to your hotel at Wuyishan.
Day 03: Wuyi Mountain – Fuzhou by train
Take 5-hour train ride to Fuzhou, the capital city of Fujian Province. Please check the following train timetable:
Train No. From Dep time To Arr Time Soft Sleeper Soft Seat
K665/K666 Wuyishan 00:54 Fuzhou 05:49 147 /
Z58/Z59 Wuyishan 06:22 Fuzhou 10:51 147 /
K320/K321 Wuyishan 06:57 Fuzhou 12:48 147 /
K29/K32 Wuyishan 07:54 Fuzhou 13:40 147 /
K8749 Wuyishan 14:41 Fuzhou 20:12 147 /
K163 Wuyishan 23:36 Fuzhou + 05:18 147 /
Day 04: Visit Fuzhou
Drum Mountain, Fuzhou West Lake Park, Main Hall of Hualin Temple, Fuzhou Forest Park
Drum Mountain-is a Buddhist place of interest, with 969 meters height and has awesome scenery in surrounding. Drum Mountain or Gu Shan in local tongue, is situated in the eastern part of Fuzhou City, on the north bank of the Min River. There is a giant drum-shaped rock at the summit, and it is said that when heavy rains fall, the rock makes the sound like a beaten drum…
Day 05: Fuzhou – Xiamen by Bullet Train
There are 60 daily bullet trains running between Fuzhou and Xiamen with each train ride taking only one hour and twenty minutes.
Day 06: Xiamen Sightseeing
Take the ferry on a 10-minute ferry boat trip to Gulangyu Island. You will see many colonial buildings constructed after the Opium War, including the Britain, the America, France, German, Spain. You are also arranged to also visit Shuzhuang Garden, a mesmerizing seaside garden and the famous Piano Museum with a collection of 80-fold valuable old pianos from all over the world.

Continue to visit South Putuo Temple, the most famous Buddhist temple in town. Then head to Huliashan Fortress, which was built in 1891, the architecture mainly blending the style in Ming and Qing Dynasty and the style from Europe. The fortress houses the world’s biggest cannon for coastal defense.

After visiting the ancient military facilities, weaponthe and barracks in the fortress, you drive on the Island Ring Road along the East Coast of Xiamen.

Day 07: One day side trip to Tulou Buildings from Xiamen
Take 2.5 hours scenic drive to Shuyang in Nanjing. Your tulou visit includes Tianluokeng Tulou, Yuchanglou, and the earth buildings in Taxia village. You will enjoy a local and traditional hakka lunch at one of the hakka house.

Tianluokeng Tulou: located in Shangban Village, Shuyang Town. The building is composed of primarily of four round and one rectangular earthen house. Yuchanglou: This five-storey earth building is well known for its tilted pillars. The most extreme is slanted at15-degree angle. Yuchanglou has been tilted this for over 600 years and remains intact today.

Taxia Village: This unique Hakka village is situated in a valley in Shuyang Town. There are over 20 earthen houses of different shapes constructed along the bank of a clear brook that flows through the village.

Transferred back to your hotel in Xiamen around 7:00pm.

Day 08: Leave Xiamen, bye Fujian 
When to visit Fujian
Fujian has little clmate change due to its ideal geographic location which makes Fujian a perfect place to come for most of the year. The average annual temperature is between 15-22 degrees C.
The only big problem with the visit of Fujian is typhoon season that hits Fujian sometime between July and September
Wuyi Mountains
Yongding Tulou Buildings
Gulangyu Island Xiamen

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