What’s the weather like in Beijing?

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When you are thinking of “What’s the weather like in Beijing?”, you are actually eager to know the weather conditions at the time when you visit Beijing. A destination’s historical climate is an important factor in planning the trip.

The frequently asked question ” When is the best time to visit Beijing in terms of weather” offers little substance since everybody knows for most of the destinations truly as Beijing spring and autumn are the best seasons for the local sightseeing and activities.

Sometimes you will change your travel date to match the so called “best” seasonal weather; in other cases you have to follow your leisure time at your own disposal and fit into any local weather conditions though you are still glad to know what’s the weather like when you arrive at your place.

So what’s the weather like in Beijing? I’d like to talk about the question in terms of Beijing’s four distinct seasons.

Beijing Seasonal Weather

Spring Time
Beijing’s spring is short with a possibility of sandy storm. Basically the spring of Beijing starts from mid-March to mid-May. But the remaining March time is still quite chilly. If you are spring flower lover, during the late March you have the opportunity to view the early plum blossoms dotted in the city. The Ming Dynasty Wall Relics Park is billed as the best place for viewing plum blossoms.

The warm spring comes in early April through early May. So the cozy spring in Beijing only has a short span of just one month. If you are spring time traveler, you visit Beijing during this prime spring period with a plethora of spring flowers blanketing the dry and dull city which has been through the long and cold winter. Beijing boasts its largest peach orchard in the world, lauded as “Sea of Peach Blossoms. For more information, check out the link: The best place to view peach flowers in Beijing.

Summer Time
Beijing has a long and humid summer starting from mid-May to mid-September. The hottest months are July and August. Mid-May through June is the transitional period with less scorching hot sun shines. July and August are hot and humid. September is the transit period morphing into pleasant autumn.

July and August are the least desirable time to visit Beijing, not only because of its unpleasant weather, but also the summer vacation bringing “sea of domestic tourists”, which often drives you to take group photos.

Autumn Time
Tons of travel articles tell us autumn is the most comfortable time to visit Beijing with potential blue sky and white clouds, though the past few years has seen Beijing falling into bad luck pestered by the annoying smog. Still, true to its words, Beijing has its best in autumn in terms of temperature, air and sky conditions.

Beijing autumn starts from mid-September to mid-November. If you are a keen fall foliage peeper, come to Beijing from mid-October through early November, a golden time to be immersed in the colorful Beijing. If you are not going too far into Beijing’s suburb to view autumn leaves, Ditan Park is the best for fall foliage peeping. Check out the link: Best to place to view autumn leaves in Beijing.

Winter Time
Beijing has a long, dry and cold winter, basically starting from mid-November to mid-March. December and January are the coldest months. Snow is something of a rarity, which each each year is much expected by either the locals or tourists alike.

Winter finds Beijing turning into a seemingly dusty city with little green colour. People would expect a blustery day blowing off the smog or haze which may blanket the capital in winter season with much more time than any other seasons.

The unpleasant seasonal weather doesn’t deter many tourists from visiting Beijing in winter. Plentiful winter activities ( such as skiing ), discounted hotels and flights, and occasional azure sky attracts quite a lot of winter holiday makers to come to Beijing. For more information Beijing winter travel, you may check out the link: Top 10 Free Things to Do in Beijing in Winter.

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