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Today I get an email from Susan Lykken who has used our travel service with three other family member during a recent trip to Beijing after disembarking from Princess Diamond at Tianjin Cruise Home Port on Oct 04, 2010.
In her email, Susan Lykken expresses her satisfaction with the service she and her family memeber have enjoyed offered by her tour guide – Cady, her driver – Mr.Liu and her trip advisor – Joy Guo from www.tour-beijing.com. In particular, she is extremely happy with her tour guide – Cady. Susan Lykken also lists the seven aspects of the excellent guide service on the part of Cady. These seven aspects almost cover all the requirements for a qualified tour guide.
We much appreciate Susan Lykken for her valueble time writing us the positive feedback and the seven outstanding qualities she has felt and enjoyed from a qualified tour guide. Her travel review is quite practical and useful in guiding our tour guide management.
Now I’m glad to post Susan’s review here in an attempt to keep our potential clients aware of what is a quailified tour guide and our tour guide of what is required from a good tour guide.
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From: Susan Lykken
Sent: Saturday, October 16, 2010 2:58 AM
Subject: Cady

I just want to tell you how much we enjoyed touring Beijing with Cady.  She was so

Cady, posed at Tianjin Port, one of the excellent Beijing tour guides working for www.tour-beijing.com
cheerful and happy.  I will list for you some of her outstanding qualities:
– Knowledge of 
Beijing history.  She gave us just the right amount of information, not too little or too much.
– She led us effortlessly through the crowds.  Many times she was able to avoid crowds.
– When we had seen all that was planned, she found something else to fill the time. Others might have returned us to our hotel.
– She stayed with us at all times.  Her days were very, very long.  She works very hard!
– When we were placed in 3 cabins on the train, she came onto the train and traded beds so that we (4) could all be together in the same cabin.
– When we arrived in Beijing on the train, she was waving to us through the window before the train even stopped.
– We were on our own the last day in 
and Cady gave us her phone number in case we needed help.  Our taxi driver was lost and called her for directions.  


I am sure there are many more things that I have not mentioned here.  Maybe I will write you again as I remember!  We also very much enjoyed Mr Liu, our driver.  He was very efficient at getting us through the crowded streets, always cheerful and prepared with water.  And Joy was so helpful and patient in arranging our tour.  She came up with the perfect trip.

Our Xian Tour  was also outstanding.  Jessica, our tour guide, was also knowledgeable and a good guide.

Cady is an exceptional guide.  I think that the is especially good with Americans, with her bubbly personality.  If we get back to Beijing we will certainly request her again.  And we will recommend Tour-Beijing and Cady to anyone visiting Beijing.  Thank you for a wonderful vacation!


Susan Lykken

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