Beijing Shanghai high speed train

So what do the  Beijing Shanghai high speed rail coaches look like? The high speed trains in use are three kinds of CRH380 series including CRH380A (8-car set), CRH380AL(16-car set)、CRH380BL(16-car set).   Take the 16 car high speed trains, each train has 10 second class coaches, 4 first class coaches (162 first class seasts) and 1 business coach (24 bussiness seats), 1 dining coach and VIP sightseeing seats just behind the train drivers.   Second Class Coach
5 seats abreast (2 + 3 mode), seats are adjustable, isle seats are equipped with the armrests, two toilets and one washing room .  

First Class Coach
Fours seats abreast, reading lights over your head.  

Business Class Coach 24 lie-down seats. The lie-down seats can be adjusted with full 180-degree recline and can be changed into a small bed by pressing a simple button. Each seat is equipped with a foldable LCD TV , a tray table, socket and reading lamp.  

VIP Sightseeing Area Each train has two VIP sightseeing areas. Each area has 2 lie-down seats, 3 high-end sofa, electronic glass and muti-fucational equippment. The dichroic glass is bewteen the driver’s room and VIP areas. Passenger can clearly see the scenery in the angle of the drivers of the trains.

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