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Beijing Shanghai high speed train

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011
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So what do the  Beijing Shanghai high speed rail coaches look like? The high speed trains in use are three kinds of CRH380 series including CRH380A (8-car set), CRH380AL(16-car set)、CRH380BL(16-car set).
Take the 16 car high speed trains, each train has 10 second class coaches, 4 first class coaches (162 first class seasts) and 1 business coach (24 bussiness seats), 1 dining coach and VIP sightseeing seats just behind the train drivers.
Second Class Coach
5 seats abreast (2 + 3 mode), seats are adjustable, isle seats are equipped with the armrests, two toilets and one washing room .
First Class Coach
Fours seats abreast, reading lights over your head.
Business Class Coach
24 lie-down seats. The lie-down seats can be adjusted with full 180-degree recline and can be changed into a small bed by pressing a simple button. Each seat is equipped with a foldable LCD TV , a tray table, socket and reading lamp.
VIP Sightseeing Area
Each train has two VIP sightseeing areas. Each area has 2 lie-down seats, 3 high-end sofa, electronic glass and muti-fucational equippment. The dichroic glass is bewteen the driver’s room and VIP areas. Passenger can clearly see the scenery in the angle of the drivers of the trains.

Internet on Beijing Shanghai high speed trains

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011
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Wireless internet access is available on the Beijing Shanghai high speed rail  for commuters. Passengers use the free wifi connections via their laptops, iphones. Wireless internet access is available in each coach on high speed trains, and throughout the 24 stations, to help passengers stay connected.
Behind each seat, there is a socket for you to charge your laptop or mobile phone.
Whether you need to check your email, find out what’s going at your destination, play games or simply do online shopping, the Beijing Shanghai high speed rail service lets you stay connected on the move.
It is reported that the Nasdaq-listed Telestone Technologies Corporation is responsible for providing the WFDS solution which can enable all the 24 railway stations and tunnels with comprehensive, versatile and convenient high-tech applications via WLAN wireless Internet connection and 2G and 3G network applications.
The 3G high speed internet will be warmly ewelcomed by the mid class passengers who are interested in using internet for entertainment and work purposes though Travel time for Beijing Shanghai high speed trains will be cut by 5 hours.
The large number of mid-class passengers also constitute the large portion of flight passengers. Mobiles and internet access on the high speed train are the most powerful weapons to beat the flights, grabbing more and more passengers from airlines to railways.
Do you still stick loyally to flights?

Travel time for Beijing Shanghai high speed trains

Monday, June 13th, 2011
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The 1,318-kilometer Beijing Shanghai high speed rail will be operated from July 1st, 2011. The Ministry of Railways has decided to slow the speed to 300 km/per hour instead of the previously planned 350km for cost and safety concerns.
The speed for new high speed rail line between Beijing and Shanghai is set for two kinds – 300km per hour and 250km per hour, greatly cutting the travel time between the two metropolises from 10 hours to less than 5 hours, or to to exactly 4 hours 48 mimutes for 300km trains and 7 hours and 56 minutes for 250km trains.
There will be 63 pairs of trains with the speed of 300km per hour every day and 27 pairs of trains running 250km per hour per day as well running between Beijing and Shanghai.
The new high speed line will hurt airline business in short term. When the Beijing Shanghai high speed rail begin operations, the number of passengers will probably be reduced 20 or 30 percent within half a year, but in a long run it will not affect the airlines so much due to diversified demand in a long run.
No doubt the new high speed trains will definitely improve the transportation and greatly enchance the economy and trade between the two big cities.