Yugong Yupo Seafood Flagship Restaurant Beijing

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Yesterday I went for a gala lunch at Yugong Yupo Seafood Flagship Restaurant, the largest of the six Yugong Yupo seafood chain restaurants in Beijing. All the six seafood restaurants are managed by Beijing Xiaotudou Enterprise (Group) Co., Ltd.
“Yugong Yupo” literally means “Fishing Lady and Fishing Man”. Yugong Yupo Seafood Restaurants are targeted at high-end and mid-range markets. This huge two-storey building is full of maritime atmosphere. Entering the first floor, on the right side, you will find several big glass fish tanks teemed with a plethora of sea fish, like a huge seafood market. Dinners come here to pick their favoraite seafood. The first floor is also set for ordinary dinner tables.
Private dining rooms are on the second floor. All the comparment rooms are equipped with a connecting lounge and private restroom. All the independent rooms are extravagantly furnished and colorfully lit.
Featured dishes: Crispy-skin chicken, Garlic lobster cooked rice, Skilled shrimp tomato, boiled lobster, dumplings with mantis prawn fillings fatty beef rolls with golden mushrooms, fish balls with melon soaked in water, bamboo fungus with towel gourd.
Service quality: 
Food quality: 
Price per head (RMB): 
less than 100 – 200
Location:Jia 16, Xisanhuan, Fengtai District, BeijingTel: 010-63319712

The exterior of Beijing Yugong Yupo Seafood Flagship Restaurant

Seafood product display area

Seafood show area

Again the plentiful choises of seafood samples

Fresh seafood water tanks

Cooked food

Talking over the gala lunch

Lobster Sashimi

A shark’s throat

Fried and steamed shrimp


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