2011 Spring festival activities in Qiaozi Zhen – Qiaozi Town of Huairou District in Beijing


2011 Spring Festival Events and Activities in Qiaozi Town
Qiaozi Town invites the residents of Beijing to spend their festival in the town by the slogan of “Experience the local folklore, Enjoy the New Year”. With preparation for the new year food, steamed cakes, lanterns, the Spring Festival couplets, the Qiaozi town is expecting more and Beijing residents and traveler to come to their town for the new year. The activities of Spring Festival at Qiaozi Town include stilts, the temple fair snacks, Lantern Festival, Goose and duck farm,  snowball fights and other activities.

Qiaozi Zhen Fast Facts
Qiaozi Zhen, or Qiaozi Town is under the adminstration of Huairou District of Beijing and located in the junction area of the three districts of Huairou, Shunyi, and Changping. Its jurisdiction is over 24 administrative villages, the largest plain town of Huairou District. The people in Qiaozi Zhen is simple and sincere. The town has convenient transportation, beautiful, unique natural environment. The air quality throughout the year is grade 1. So Qiaozi town has beautiful natural environment, the vast plains, undulating hills, lower hills, mild climate, beautiful lakes, fresh sweet spa, natural green oxygen bar, forming a unique natural landscape.
Qiaozi Zhen Sightseeing
Qiaozi town is located in the upstream of Huairou Reservoir with favorable natural conditions, rich tourism resources, convenient transportation, beautiful scenery, complete tourist service facilities.
The interesting places in Qiaozi include the Temple Mount Quan,  Goose and Duck Ranch, the local orchard tour, Fengshan hundred flowers, the rustic charm of the pastoral nature. Fengshan Flow and Fruit Park has jujube orchard area, Winter Park, Walnut, Berry Park, more than 30 other single parks, an integration of culture, and the urban modern agricultural tourism park.
Stay in Qiaozi Town
Qiaozi town tourism facilities, including the Beijing Municipal Government Guest House, the national publicity Cadre School,  Beijing Liaison Office and other government’s reception venues and many village reception houses.
Farmstays here have many different levels to meet the accommodation requirements of tourists. The town has built a set of domestic tourism, catering, conference, entertainment for the whole farm including the “Goose and Duck Farm” and other7 spots.
How to get ther 
Qiaozi town is the gateway into the Huairou District of Beijing. Drive along the Beijing-Chengde Expressway and exit at Exit 13 (宽沟、桥梓) and the town is only one km away from the exit.

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on the way to Qiaozi Town, Huairou (qzz.gov.cn0
Vegetable Corridor (qzz.gov.cn)
Fishing (Qzz.gov.cn)
Houses at Goode and Duck Ranch at Qiaozi Town (qzz.gov.cn0
Local products of Qiaozi Zhen
Buckwheat noodles rolls


pumpkin and corn

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