Dazhenyu Great Wall and Dazhenyu Village

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Dazhenyu Great Wall is loacted around Dazhenyu Village, about 80km north of center Beijing, hence the name Dazhenyu Great Wall. “Dazhenyu” literally means “Big Nut-tree Valley”.  
Dazhenyu Village is nestled on a small basin in the valley surrounded by the moutains. The whole village is made of 5 natural villages with 450 households and 850 villagers.
The village has an area of 15.6 square kilometers, 89% forest coverage, with the unique natural environment, rich in tourism resources, distinct seasons.
In spring flowers are blooming; in summer, here is a good place to enjoy the cool air; in autumn, everywhere is bore with fruits, the most well-known chestnuts, almonds, walnuts, but also fresh apple, pear, persimmon, red fruit; in winter, the snow forms a good view of scenery.

The entrance to Dazhenyu Village


Passing through Dazhenyu Great Wall with a distant view of the Great Wall snaking on the ridges.


The 9-kilometer Ming Dynasty Great Wall meanders on the mountain above the village. The Dazhenyu Great Wall is mainly composed of the three bits of the Wall –  , , and .
Now the west section of  is not allowed to hike for the  wild Great Wall protection. The small east section has been renovated  and opend to the public.  is totally forbidden for hiking. But you can walk close to the Wall for a close look.  ( or Moshikou Pass Great Wall ) is open to the hikers.
The most popular and legal hiking trail is walking from Yangshen Grand Valley up to , clamber up to  for a look, then climb down to the . At the Moshikou Pass, you either choose to leave or continue to hike  since Moshikou Pass is also the entrance to Xiangshuihu Great Wall.

Moshikou Pass Great Wall

Xiangshuihu Great Wall

West Section of Luanling Great Wall

East section of Luanling Great Wall

Lianyuling Great Wall

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