Beijing Street Breakfast

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One old saying goes like that: eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen and supper like a poor man. In the light of eating healthy, a good and balanced breafast keeps people in good shape to start one day’s life and work.

Dragged by a quick pace of life in a big city like Beijing, many people, commuters or white-collars, very often have to eat “a poor breakfast” due to the lack of time. They go to a street vendor or an outlet of a restaurant for a quick bite of whatever is available – pancake, a fried youtiao ( a twisted fried dough), bread, milk, soymilk, steamed buns, huntun…

The majority of the breakfast street vendors have business license permit from local government. Breakfast food stalls are preferably set up at crowded places near subway sations, bus stops, office builings. Some breakfast vendors are set up in back lanes, not far from the popular places frequented by commuters for going to work.

The outlets of street breakfasts are mainly divided into four categories – fixed street breakfast stalls, mobile breakfast stalls, back lane small restaurants and outlets from decent restaurants. Beijing street breakfast is quite cheap and less than CNY10, you will buy yourself a big breakfast, enough to fill up your stomach.

If you are going to customize a Beijing tour, don’t forget to arrange some time in an early morning for a carfree Beijing food walks  for a genuine picture of Beijing food culture.

A mobile breakfast stall

A mobile breakfast stall

A mobile breakfast stall

A fixed breakfast

A fixed breakfast stall

A back lane street front restaurants. An outlet from a decent reataurant

An outlet from a decent reataurant in Beijing

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