Jietai Temple, Jie Tai Temple – Jietai Si Mentougou Beijing

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“Jietaisi – 戒台寺” literally means “Ordination Terrace Temple” Or “Altar Temple” for Buddhist discipline and ordination, now popularly known as Jietai Temple, a combined Chinese and English phrase.

It is one of the well known Buddhist temples in Beijing as well as one of the three most important “Ordination Terrace Temples” in China with other two being Zhaoqing Temple in Hangzhou and Kaiyuan Temple in Quanzhou Fujian Province.

If you are a Buddhist temple lover, Jietai Temple should be on your visiting list. The reason is quite simple: this temple has a long history, its importance as an altar temple and its beautiful old pine trees. No matter you are a temple visitor or leisure traveler, Jietai Temple is a bonus to your visit.

Its long history can be traced back to Sui Dynasty (581 – 600 ) over 1400 years ago when its original name was called “Huiju Temple” ( wisdom accumulation ). Later in Liao Dynasty (1065 – 1074), a monk called Fajun erected an altar here in the temple for religious ordination and buddhist discipline. In Ming Dynasty ( 1368 -1644), the temple was renamed Wanshou Temple.

As prestigious monks often set up altars here and initiated people into monkshood, people began to call the temple “Jietai Temple”, a temple where people receive buddhist discipline. Now Jietai Temple is the biggest of the three most famous Altar Temples in China. It is reputed as “First Altar Temple under Heaven”.

If you are not interested in the temple itself, the temple will be a let down. The 1400-year old temple has the most beautiful pine trees in Beijing, an even in China for its old age and unique shapes. There are ten most famous pine tress.

They are Sleeping Dragon Pine Tree, Leisure Pine Tree, Pagoda Embracing Pine Tree, Sensitive Pine Tree and so on. Beside pine trees, there are also many other ancient trees, like lilacs, peonies etc.

Entrance Fee: RMB 45 Per Person
Tel: 010-60803428
How to get there:
Public Transport:
Take subway Line 1 and get off at Pingguoyuan, then connect public bus for Jietai Temple

Drive from Fushi Road and find the National Highway No.108 (G108), drive according to the placard on the highway which points to Jietai Temple.

Well, follow us to have a brief trip of Jietai Temple, about 25km in Mentougou District, west of Beijing.

Drive along the highway G108 and notice the placard on the way pointing to Tanzhe Temple. Jietai Temple and Tanzhe Temple are both located near to G108. Jietai Temple is 10 km southeast of Tanzhe Temple. So we are going first visit Jietai Temple this later afternoon. Tomorrow we continue to visit Tanzhe Temple.

Drive along the highway G108

Soon, we get off the Highway G108 and go to Jietai Temple, about 4 km from the main road. We are approaching Jietai Temple. Since it is later in the afternoon , there are very few people in the temple.

Soon, we get off the Highway G108 and go to Jietai Temple

The entrance to Jietai Temple.

The entrance to Jietai Temple.

This is Tianhuang Hall – Heavenly King Hall

This is Tianhuang Hall – Heavenly King Hall

The Hall of Sakyamuni

The Hall of Sakyamuni

This is the Altar Hall of Jietai Temple.

This is the Altar Hall of Jietai Temple.

The pagoda and the Pagoda Embracing Pine Tree.

The pagoda and the Pagoda Embracing Pine Tree.

The Pine Tree 1 

The Pine Tree 1

The Pine Tree 2

The Pine Tree 3

The Pine Tree 4

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