Weishan Offers an Unforgettable Slice of China’s Beauty


When one visits China, the travel itinerary includes Weishan in almost all the cases. This is because Weishan County boasts of some of the most beautiful places in the country. The Weibo Mountains have been called the “Quietest Mountains in China”. The county also has some important seats of Daoism. Student travels include visiting some extremely beautiful spots. The county holds historical, religious and spiritual importance.  

Places to Visit in Weishan

Weishan County in China boasts of some of the most scenic spots in the country. Nestled in the Weibo Mountains, there are many places which are mesmerizing to say the least. It is not a surprise that study abroad programs based in Yunnan and also elsewhere in the country make it a point to take students to this area during the weekend travels. These gap year program trips are not only fun but educational as well.  

These mountains have been the summer abode of various kings. Weibao Mountain is a holy Daoist mountain. The full name of the mountain is Weibaoshan Mountain and it is considered to be “The quietest mountain in China”. The county has been responsible for cradling one of the most well-known kings of the country; Xinluo was born here and grew up to be the ruler of the legendary Nanzhao Kingdom.  

This region is the hub of natural beauty and spirituality. It is easy to see why those who learn Chinese in China want to visit this place. There is Wenchan Hall in the mountains which is dedicated to a former regional Daosit ruler. It has been designed in accordance with the Daoist geomantic principles. It is in this hall that one gets to see the “Mural of Dancing”. This is the only ancient Daoist mural that is found in Yunnan Province.  

There are almost twenty two temples in these mountains. Therefore, summer programs for high school students could easily be busy for at least two days touring just the temples. The Qingxia Temple is a famous temple which is dedicated to the highest of the Daoist Gods. It is more popularly known as the Laojun temple and has been designed grandly. The interiors are stately and pristine. There is a considerable amount of walking involved to visit different sites because these mountains have remained untouched to maintain their sanctity.

 On the way to these mountains, East Lotus Village lies in the path. This village still bears the looks of a place that must have been there centuries ago. Small streets, traditional buildings and people cooking food the traditional way are all commonplace here, a part of the day to day life. If one wants to experience the religious fervor, then the best time to visit these mountains is between the 1st and the 15th of the second month of the Chinese Lunar Calendar. Daoist pilgrims flock here for the temple fair. 

It is known to everybody that China is not only the place for learning Mandarin. It has expansive beautiful places which have become popular among students and visitors alike.

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