Pingyao Taxi: Pingyao Taxi Fares, Tips and Phone

Plan your Pingyao Tour?  At the time of my writing, there are 3 taxi companies operating in the city of Pingyao ( not operating inside the old town) and 195 taxis in operation, including 99 oil and gas vehicles, 96 electric vehicles and 346 drivers.

Basically it is a breeze to hail a taxi at the travel hot areas like Pingyao Ancient City Railway Station, Pingyao Railway Station, Pingyao Bus Station and so on.

Of course, you can bargain with a local taxi driver for your side trips to Zhenguo Temple, Shuanglin Temple, Wang Family Courtyard, Zhangbi Village, Lijiashan , Qikou (Tips, Photos & Map), Taiyuan, Datong, etc.

If you want to rent a car with driver to visit Pingyao on your own way, check out the link for more information: Pingyao Car Rental with Driver

Pingyao Taxi Fares

The taxi fare starts at 6 yuan in the daytime and 7 yuan in the evening, and 1.7 yuan per km in the daytime and 1.9 yuan in the evening. For a return trip of 5 kilometers, 50% of the fare will be charged as well as the suggestion of temporary fare increase during holidays.

A taxi waiting outside the northern gate to the ancient city of Pingyao

Useful Pingyao Taxi Rates

Some taxi drivers in Pingyao are reluctant to use meters.  In most cases,  passengers and taxi drivers would agree on a fixed taxi fare before going.  Below is a list of popular taxi rates in Pingyao ( not final, just a reference):

•Pingyao – Taiyuan Airport RMB 300
•Pingyao – Taiyuan Train Station or Bus Station: RMB 300
• Pingyao Railway Station –  the West Gate of the Pingyao Ancient City (1.2km ): RMB15
• Pingyao Ancient City Railway Station –  the West Gate of the Pingyao Ancient City (8km ): RMB30
• Pingato Bus Station – Pingyao North  Gate (500 meters) : RMB5 ( suggest walking ), Pingyao South Gate: RMB 10
•Pingyao – Wang’s Family Mansion and Zhangbi:  RMB 300

Battery carts inside the Ancient City of Pingyao

Inside the ancient city, you can make use of battery carts ( also you can find them waiting outside the gates for business),  a king of 12-seated cart, RMB 10 per person.

Battery Carts, a kind of green taxis within the ancient city of Pingyao

So when you arrive  at one of the gates of Pingyao Ancient  City,  you may use a battery cart to bring you to your hotels in the ancient city.  Battery carts are only allowed to take passengers inside the ancient city.

Pingyao Taxi Stands

There are no particular taxi stands in Pingyao. People just hail a taxi anywhere it is safe.

Pingyao cab-hailing service


Tip:  Hassle-free Pingyao & Shanxi Guided Tours

If you don’t want to do a self-guided tour and prefer the hassle-free escorted tours,  here are some options for organized tours to Pingyao and Shanxi Province:

Pingyao Tour
Pingyao Car Rental with Driver

Datong Tour
Datong Car Rental with Driver

Taiyuan Tour
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Shanxi Tour

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Any questions, just drop a line.

2 thoughts on “Pingyao Taxi: Pingyao Taxi Fares, Tips and Phone

  1. It would be very appreciated if you inform me of the taxi fare from pingyao to miAnshan.


  2. Hi ksj,

    1. Paingyao – Mianshan by Taxi
    If you are going to Mianshan from Pingyao by taxi, that means you have to rent a car with driver for most of the day since there are basically no taxis returning from Mianshan back to Pingyao.There are no fixed taxi prices for the car rental with driver from Pingyao to Mianshan and back to Pingyao. My experience tells me that the car rental will cost you about 400 yuan. For better prices, you need to negotiate with a local cab driver.

    2. Alternatively, you first take the bus or the train from Pingyao to Jiexu (介休). From Jiexu County, you take the daily multiple buses from Jiexu to Mianshan.

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