Beijing Pingyao High Speed Train

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Plan your Pingyao tour? Starting from July 01, 2014,  you are able to get to Pingyao Ancient City by high speed train directly from Beijing!

Taiyuan Xian High Speed Railway ( Part of Datong Xian High Speed Railway ) are opened to the public, significantly shortening the present Beijing and Pingyao train travel time from 10 – 14 hours  to 4 hours.


Beijing Pingyao High Speed Train

Beijing Pingyao High Speed Train

Now if you are going to visit Pingyao from Beijing by trains, basically you have three choices – By bullet trains, by normal overnight trains and transiting at Taiyuan.

1.  Beijing – Pingyao by bullet trains
At the time of my writing, there are two daily bullet trains available going between Beijing and Pingyao.

Beijing West Railway Station – Pingyao Ancient City Railway Station:  D2001 ( 7:58 – 12:09)
Beijing West Railway Station – Pingyao Ancient City Railway Station:  D2005 ( 15: 29 – 19:39)

Pingyao Ancient City Railway Station – Beijing West Railway Station  :  D2002 ( 8: 41 – 12:55)
Pingyao Ancient City Railway Station  – Beijing West Railway Station :  D2006 ( 16: 11 – 20:40)

2. Beijing Pingyao Overnight Train Timetable
Some traveler still prefer to take an overnight train from Beijing to Pingyao and vice versa.

K603 Beijing – Pingyao ( 17:17 – 05 18)
2603 Beijing – Pingyao (23:42 – 14:05)
K609 Beijing – Pingyao (23:51 – 09:35)

K604 Pingyao – Beijing ( 17:03 – 05 37)
2604 Pingyao  – Beijing  (13:11 – 03:36)
K610 Pingyao – Beijing  (20:32 – 06:09)

3.  Transit at Taiyuan
Take the 3 hours high speed trains  from Beijing to Taiyuan where you connect for buses or hiring a private car to van for 1 hour driving from Taiyuan to Pingyao.  Pingyao is located about 80km southeast of Taiyuan’s city center.

Beijing Taiyuan High Speed Train Timetable
Nine Beijing West – Taiyuan high speed trains.
G601     (7:35 – 12:02)
G91       (08:30 – 11:00)
G603    (9:15 – 12:18 )
G605 (10:05 – 13:07)
G607  (11:32 – 14:17 )
G609  (15:08 – 18:03 )
G611  (17:08 – 18:06)
G613  (17:56 – 20:43)
G615 (20:21 – 23:13 )

You may take the train back to Beijing or extend your trip further to Xian, well known for its Terracotta Warriors.

Tip:  Hassle-free Pingyao Guided Tours
If you don’t want to go the do-it-yourself route and prefer the hassle-free escorted tours,  here are some options for Pingyao Guided Tours:

Pingyao 3 Day Tour   from US$190 p/p
Pingyao Qikou 2 day Side Trip  from US$ 130 p/p
Pingyao Car Rental with Driver

Beijing Pingyao 2 Day Highspeed Train Tour   from US$ 195  p/p
Beijing Pingyao 3 Day Highspeed Train Tour  from US$ 280  p/p
Beijing Pingyao 4 Day Overnight Train Tour     from US$ 270 p/p


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2 Responses to “Beijing Pingyao High Speed Train”

  1. Dione McAlary says:

    Hi, can you pre book the Beijing Pingyao Bullet train tickets? Also, how hard is it to get to the Beijing West Railway Station from the Intl. Airport.


  2. Daniel says:

    Hello Dione McAlary,

    Basically you need to book your train tickets 10 days in advance if you want to use a ticketing agency to reserve your tickets. If not in tourist high season, you can easily buy your train tickets on your own.

    You may take a taxi or airport shuttle bus line 7 going directly from Beijing capital airport to Beijing West Railway Station.

Questions and Answers: