Top 10 Most Romantic Places in Shanghai

Are you searching for some romantic places during your Shanghai Tour? Shanghai is one of the most romantic places in China. If you are looking for some romantic places to foster, rediscover or repair your Love in a romantic and exotic place, Shanghai will not let you down.

Shanghai has long walks along the Bund, or in the city’s many green parks. It also has a plethora of romantic eateries, desert shops, bars and shopping. Now let see the most romantic places in Shanghai.

Place # 01: The Bund, Shanghai 外滩
The Bund is an area of Huangpu District in central Shanghai. It got its name from a desolate beach outside the old Shanghai City. If you have never been to the Bund, then you have never been to Shanghai.

As one of the most famous tourist destinations in Shanghai, the Bund is surrounded by over 20 architectures along from No.1 to No.33, west of No.1 East Zhong Shan Road. The Bund has turned into the centre of international finance as well as the touring resort thus constitutes as a beautiful picture of the Shanghai City.

The Bund, Shanghai
The Bund, Shanghai

Place # 02: Yuyuan Garden 豫园
Yuyuan is the famous gardens in Shanghai, located in the center of Shanghai’s Old City, one of the few remaining old tourist sites in Shanghai. It enjoys the reputation of “the crown of beauty in southeast China”.

Main attractions in Yuyuan Gardens include Sansui Hall, Big Rockery, Elegant Jade Rock, Stone City, rtc. Shanghai bazaars are surrounded the gardens, which selling wares and food stuffs to the visiting tourist and locals. Yuyuan Garden attracts countless visitors at home and abroad every year. It’s a good place for lovers dating.

Yuyuan Garden
Yuyuan Garden

lace # 03: Huangpu River Cruise 游黄浦江
The Huangpu River extends for 110 kilometers from its source in Dianshan Lake to its intersection with the Yangtze River about 17 miles downstream from Shanghai. A Huangpu River Cruise at night is probably the best place to witness the pulse and dynamism of  Shanghai.

River cruises afford a glorious panorama of the majestically enigmatic Bund, the new skyscraper spires of the Pudong New Area, and the coagulation of hectic wharves and shipyards. It is a good way to relax a bit and sight-see at the same time. What’s more, it is fun for young kids and family friendly.

Huangpu River Cruise
Huangpu River Cruise

Place # 04: Fengjing Town 上海枫泾古镇
With a history of more than 1,500 years, Fengling town is an ancient water town located in the southwest of Shanghai. It is one of the four most famous towns in the south China and an interesting place to experience the ancient Chinese art of town planning.

With its surrounding water network, Fengling town boasts 52 bridges. Standing on the bridge, you will have a panoramic view with the plants, ancient houses and ports on both banks with Rainbow Bridge before and s stone bridge behind. The whole town is rich in trees and buildings with gurgling water and elegant lotus here and there.

Place # 05: Shanghai Film Park 上海影视乐园
Shanghai Film Park, which features the sceneries of 1930s Shanghai, is an ideal place for filming and sightseeing located in Songjiang District.

With its distinctive Old Shanghai sceneries, solid culture background and quality facilities, Shanghai Film Shooting Base very much appreciate the presence of all the filmmakers and tourists. It is very popular for weddings and wedding pictures.

Place # 06: Garden Bridge Shanghai 外白渡桥
As the is the first all-steel bridge in China, Garden Bridge, or Waibaidu Bridge across on the intersection of Suzhou River and Huangpu River has become one of the symbolic architectures in Shanghai.

Waibaidu Bridge, which spans over the Suzhou creek, has been well- known since it was built in 1907. It is 52.16m in length and 18.3m in width and has been acknowledged as the best bridge of steel construction for its elegant structure. In an ever-changing metropolis, the Waibaidu Bridge still remains a popular attraction, and one of the few constants in the city skyline.

Garden Bridge Shanghai
Garden Bridge Shanghai

Place # 07: Shanghai Peace Hotel 和平饭店
A renowned 5-star hotel on the beautiful Bund, the Peace Hotel is located right in the heart of commerce, finance and culture of Shanghai. It is regarded as the most popular and romantic building around the Bund.

Peace Hotel owns 380 standard rooms, Superior rooms, superior suites and deluxe suites. All rooms, after recent renovation, are furnished with first-class facilities to provide guests with the best comfort and convenience. If you have enough money, you can stay in Peace Hotel for one night and feel the romance of it.

Shanghai Peace Hotel
Shanghai Peace Hotel

Place # 08: Hengshan Road Bar Street 衡山路
Hengshan Road is one of the oldest drinking spots in Shanghai, near to the more modern Xujiahui. Walking on Hengshan Road at night or enjoy yourself in the Bars is a good way to relax.

Hengshan Road is only 2-kilometer long, but there are many relaxed Western-type bars which offer all the favorite tipples from home and show live sports, from football to rugby to baseball. There are many buildings of European-style architecture of the 1920’s and 1930’s on the both sides of Hengshan Road.

Hengshan Road Bar Street
Hengshan Road Bar Street

Place # 09: Moller Villa 马勒别墅
The Moller Villa is one of Shanghai’s architectural marvels. Legend has it that Jewish Eric Moller’s daughter dreamed of a castle like those in the Hans Andersen fairy tales. So the father commissioned an architect to build her dream house.

Looking at the Gothic fantasy, unique in comparison to other old buildings in the French Concession, the tale seems so convincing. In 2002, the Moller Villa was changed into a Villa Hotel.

Moller Villa
Moller Villa

Place # 10: Changfeng Park 长风公园
Chang Feng Park is one of Shanghai’s earliest parks built in 1956. It is located in the western part of urban Shanghai. It is a nice place for recreation and amusement. Spring and summer are the best seasons for people to visit Changfeng Park.

There are more than 160 kinds of plants in this park. With gingko, cedar, lotus, Begonia, Bauhinia, azaleas and other main plant configuration is reasonable, attractions structured. The standard rental boat outing is made more pleasant by the winding creek

Changfeng Park
Changfeng Park
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