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Planning your Xian tour? Of course, the site of Terracotta Army will be definitely on your Xian travel plan. Though most of the highlights in Xian are easily accessible on foot since they are largely centrally located within the old city wall, there are still a handful of tourist attractions lying a bit far from Xian city center, including Terracotta Warriors.

The site of Terracotta Warriors is located approx. 50 km to the northeast of Xian city center. Given the distance, many of the foreign travelers would arrange their own transport by either taking a taxi or renting a private car, or joining a local Xian tourist group to visit Terracotta Warriors. Taking a taxi or renting a private car costs quite a sum of money and probably your cab driver would avoid the expressway to save toll fees and charge more for a longer drive; a local group tour takes unexpected stops at a store or factory, which may consumes your valuable time.

Some oversea tourists know there must be a official public bus line bringing them from downtown Xian to the place of Terracotta Warriors, but they are just afraid to do so simply because they seldom making use of the public transport even back at home, so catching a local bus in Xian is somewhat unthinkable for them.

The reality is that the tourist shuttle bus for Terracotta Warriors in Xian is easy to handle and the buses run along the expressway, only a one-hour bus ride from the downtown depot to the site of the Terracotta Army.

What’s the bus number for the Terracotta Warriors Bus
The special bus line is officially known as Tourism Bus No.5 (also known as Bus No.306), often the two numbers are put together. In front of a waiting bus, there will be a big bus stop sign with a number 5, and at the same time you will see the number 306 in a smaller print. And it will have a 306 on the window next to the door where you get on. So please recognize the official bus line numbered 游5(306) and here “游” means “Tourism” and avoid other possible fake bus lines ( private buses ).

Where is the Terracotta Warriors Bus Terminal?
It is very easy to find the depot for the buses. The bus terminal is located on the eastern square of Xian Railway Station. If you stand facing Xian Railway Station, The Bus 5(306) waits at the parking lot on your right or east side.
The car park is in front of the yellow buildings with Chinese characters ( with English version also ) on the wall which mean “China Post”.

Tourism Bus 5 (306)
Tourism Bus 5 (306)

There are two major railway stations in Xian – Xian Railway Station ( basically for overnight trains ) and Xian North Railway Station ( basically for high speed trains ). The Tourism Bus 5 (306) starts from the east square of Xian Railway Station though Xian North Railway Station has its own free shuttle buses going to Terracotta Warriors if you have a arrival high speed train ticket on the same day.

Xian Railway Station is just located outside the city wall in the northeast of Xian. There are many buses going to the train stations from the major areas in Xian.

How to Purchase a Bus Ticket?
You don’t need to book your bus ticket. Just get on the bus, and sit down. Later someone will come up to you and collect the money – 7 yuan ( cash )from you. Free seating, filled up and go. Even though there are some empty seats, your bus will still go every 10 minutes as scheduled.

Bus Timetable and Where to Get Off
First Bus: 07:00; Last Bus 19:00
Line Length: 50 Km
Drive Time: One hour
Leave the Bust Terminal every 10 minutes
Bus Stops: Totally 12 stop on route
Bus Stop No.01: Xian Railway Station
Bus Stop No 08: Huanqing Hot Spring
Bus Stop No 12: Terracotta Army

Be sure to get off at the last destination – Terracotta Army Museum since the Bus 5 (306) is scheduled to stop at over 10 stops s including Huaqing Hotspring and Qin Shihuang’s Mausoleum.

Get off at at the final stop near the Terracotta Museum
Get off at at the final stop near the Terracotta Museum

You get off at the big car park at the end with all the tour buses – the very last stop ( the 12th stop ). Just stay on the bus until you get to the last stop. Remember where you get off the bus terminal, so after finishing your visiting the museum, come to the same parking lot and take the exact bus No 5 (306) since there are some other “fake” bus 306 which eagerly push you to take their buses.

The Terracotta Warriors Buses run everyday since the Terracotta Army Museum is open 365 day in a year.

As for how to visit Terracotta Warriors ( entrance fee, guide etc.),  you may visit my previous travel article below:

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Any questions, just drop a line.

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