Gulangyu Island in Xiamen, China


The Pristine Gulangyu Island in China is Enigmatically Beautiful

If one is looking for a place to relax in China, then one of the finest destinations will be the Gulangyu Island which is a small island off the coast of  Xiamen City of  Fujian Province. This island features Victorian and European architecture and is known for its natural beauty and clean environment. It is one of the least polluted places in the country owing to the lack of vehicles. The small population residing here has ensured that the pristine beauty remains. 

Gulangyu Island Assures Serenity and Peace unlike Any Other 

Study abroad programs and gap year jobs allow you to travel to different parts of the world and experience the diversity in cultures and the richness of lifestyle that they include. Those who have been on China tours would also have experienced places which are so different from what one can imagine of a modern country. There are places which are, even today, lost in time and remain untouched. 

Those who intend to visit the country to learn Chinese should enroll in Chinese language programs that take them to places which are different from bustling cities like Beijing and Shanghai. There are many programs which are tailor made to break myths of China that are known across the world. In reality, the nation still retains its spirituality despite rampant development. There are many spots which have utilized this harmony with nature to transform into havens for tourists. One of such places is Gulangyu Island which lies southwest of Xiamen City. It comes under the purview of the Fujian Province. 

Gulangyu is known for its natural beauty and scenic spots. It has become one of the most well-known places in the country due to its historical background and beautiful locales. Its natural beauty has been enhanced by the presence of a natural reef around it. During high tide, waves collide against the reef and make a sound like that of a drum. This is how it has earned its name. In Chinese, ‘Gu’ means drum and ‘lang’ means waves. Hence it came to be known as Gulangyu. 

When one visits the island, the lack of vehicles surprises a lot of tourists and students. The island has been kept free of all vehicles including bicycles. This is to preserve the environment and the reef by reducing traffic. Another surprise might spring in the form of European and Victorian architecture that is prominently evident in the island along with some of the most beautiful Chinese structures. After the Opium Wars, this island became a hub for nationals from more than 13 countries which included Great Britain, Japan and France. This resulted in the European architecture that still stands today on the island. The Japanese occupation till 1942 has also left a huge impression of the erstwhile Japanese lifestyle.

There are 20,000 residents on Gulangyu Island. They also do not own any vehicles. The abundance of trees and zero pollution allow one to breathe clean and fresh air throughout the island. One of the important places to see is the Sunlight Rock which is the highest point of the island. The sun-shaped formation of the granite rock looks grand when the sun rises on it. Underneath it is a war memorial. Those who would want to relax can also go to Shuzhuang Island which was once a villa but now has been changed into a public park. It is known for its bridges and pavilions.

Panormas of Gulangyu Island and Xiamen city from Sunlight Rock, the highest point at Gulangyu Island


Gulangyu Island is to the southwest off the coast of Xiamen city core.
Gulangyu Island has good beaches
Green, flowery, strewn with Gulangyu Island has good beaches
Gulangyu Ferry Terminal, in 5 minutes reach the city of Xiamen, vice versa


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