Guilin: a Memorable City in China


Guilin is a beautiful city in China which is soon to become one of the favorite destinations for study abroad programs, gap year programs and various forms of gap year jobs. The reason for this transformation is nothing else but its location which makes it one of the most pristine spots in the country. 

Places to Visit in Guilin

The name Guilin itself means ‘Forest of Sweet Olive’. In the Chinese language, sweet olive is known as ‘Guihua’ and the name has been directly derived from here. This tree is found only in certain parts of China. The city of Guilin lies in a region which was full of trees of sweet olive. Even today, the city has a lot of trees of the same. It is well known for its charismatic splendor which comes out in all vivaciousness in the spring and autumn seasons. However, one can visit the city anytime of the year because the natural beauty is retained almost throughout the year. 

Guilin city is a part of the Guanxi Province and is the perfect base for all those who wish to explore this province lying at the border of Vietnam. The river Li runs by the city offering it the right ambience. There are four lakes and the river circumvents the city. There are sheer sided mountains as well within the city. 

The city has been a popular destination on the itineraries of China tours. Right in the center of the city lies the Central Square which is an area of 51,400 sq meters. The ground of this area is made up of a giant atlas that can be viewed from a height. 

Those who are visiting the country to learn Mandarin can have an immersive experience by visiting the Jingjiang Palace which was the erstwhile palace of the prince of the region and now has been converted into a museum. Similarly there are the Sun and the Moon pagodas which are situated beside the lakes and offer great sites for serene spots. 

Guilin has many other places as well which have been created specifically for those who are learning Chinese in China. These include Guilin Art Museum and Li River Folk Custom Center. The latter is the perfect place to find folk art, handicraft and cultural items from various Chinese ethnicities from this region. These apart, there are many other places to visit within the city and its environs.

 North to Guilin is the Diecai Mountain which is a park that comprises of various peaks. One can also visit a small aviary and a butterfly museum there. 

Diecai Peak in Guilin

The Fubo Hill, on the other hand, offers an opportunity to see old Buddhist inscriptions of the Tang Dynasty. 

Fubo Hill in Guilin

One of the most prominent sites is the Elephant Trunk Hill which has a shape like an elephant’s head whose trunk is dipping into the river. 

Elephant Trunk Hill in Guilin

One more impressive and unique site is the Reed Flute Cave where there is a regular light show among beautiful stalactites and stalagmites.

The Reed Flute Cave in Guilin

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