The Visits to Jinshanling Great Wall will double

With the closure of Simatai Great Wall, the volume of hiking Jinshanling Great Wall will increase greatly. To have a snowball effect, the local Jinshanling adminstration stipulates that travelers can use one ticket for multi-day hiking at Jinshanling on the condition that they stay overnight at Jinshanling Hotel.
Jinshanling and Simatai are the only two sections of the Great Wall with less man-made reconstruction, which are officially open to the public. We do have some sections of the Great Wall more ruinous and treacherous like Jiankou and Gubekou, but they are illegal to hike and risky as well.
Jinshanling Great Wall Hotel is the only hotel within the compound of the Jinshanling Great Wall administration area. Jinshanling Hotel is divided into three parts – Villa type house, courtyard house and independent house. For more information on Jinshanling Hotel, please check:
Stay overnight, One Entrance Ticket for Multi-day Hiking

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