Jingcheng Expressway



Exits at Simatai and Jingshanling

June 12, 2010, we went to Chengde from Beijing by coach along the Jingcheng Expressway. Though the expressway was completed and opened to the public on Sept 27, 2009, it was my first time to enjoy the its speed and comfort.  

Jingcheng Expressway is 209.1km in length with 132.4 km in Beijing and 76.7 in Chengde. Its completion has shortened the Beijing Chengde driving time to 2 hours instead of 4 hours using the old highway. It passess 62 bridges and over 10 tunnels.
Its speed is minimum 50 km/h, maximum 120 km/h. The expressway has 6 lanes (3 up, 3 down) for sections closer to Beijing, 4 lanes for other sections.
With this Jingcheng Expressway, you can easily drive to Huirou District, Miyun District. What’s more, it is much convenient for you to get to Simatai Great Wall (120km) and Jingshanling Great Wall (128km).

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