A wonderful trip to Gubeikou Great Wall and Jinshanling Great Wall

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This morning I receive an email from Annette and Scott Kern, who have just made a wonderful trip to Great Wall   – Jinshanling Great Wall  and Gubeikou Great Wall. Especially  Gubeikou Great Wall has greatly impressed them, less touristy and most original!
Annette and Scott Kern are very kind to have sent us some of their precious photos for other to share and enjoy. If you are planing your trip to Great Wall, you may consider to include Gubeikou Great Wall on your travel plan.
Below are the original email and photos:  
—– Original Message —–
From: Annette and Scott Kern
Sent: Saturday, October 23, 2010 10:38 AM
Subject: Great Wall trip

Good Morning,
My husband and I returned a week ago from a wonderful trip to Beijing, and more importantly, the Jinshanling Great Wall  and Gubeikou Great Wall.  
Your tour company exceeded our expectations.  We asked for some excursions that included non toursit sites and sunset views!  See photos below!  Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
Our tour guide, Tristan, was just the best.  He was punctual (VERY important to us), smart, witty, kind, and a perfect match for us.  
Mr. Zhao, our driver, was safe, careful, kind, and made us feel at home.  These certainly deserve accolades within your organization.  I will be sending two more sets of photos from our trip since our locations were the road less traveled.
I would 100% recommend this trip to any traveler.  We also enjoyed our overnight accommodations.  The proprietors made us feel welcome, cooked a delicious meal, and were just fantastic people.
Thank you again,
Annette and Scott Kern
Many, many thanks for a trip of a lifetime!

Annette and Scott Kern
83 Paterson Road
#14-03 Paterson Residence
Singapore 238549

Gubeikou Great Wall 1

Gubeikou Great Wall 2

Gubeikou Great Wall 3

Gubeikou Great Wall 4

Gubeikou Great Wall 5

Gubeikou Great Wall 6

Gubeikou Great Wall 7

Gubeikou Great Wall 8

Annette and Scott Kern at Jinshanlng Great Wall

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