Travel China in July and August

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"People Mountain, People Sea" taken by my Nokia mobile at Beijing Railway Station on July 16, 2010

Every later July is the beginning time for students summer vacation here in Beijing and other parts of China. The summer semester lasts about 45 days. September 1 is usually the beginning day for a new semester.
In China, July and August are the small tourist peak season mainly due to the student summer vacation though the weather is not so comfortable. Some parents make use of the vacation traveling domestically or abroad with their only offsprings. Others send their kids taking part in various kinds of summer camps to have their only childs trained in the aspects concerned. So the two traveling volumes keep all the flights, trains and buses busy, making regular travel both domestic and international around China much tougher in terms of hotel and ticket booking, not mentioning the crowded sightseeing spots everywhere.
This afternoon I went to Beijing Railway Station to meet one of my former co-workers in Hangzhou surnamed Fang, and give his family a transfer from the station to their hotel in Beijing – Sunworld Hotel.
Standing at the exit of the station, I found a huge crowd of passengers coming in and out. One Chinese proverb can describe the scene – “People Mountain, People Sea”.
If you come to China in July and August, please well plan your travel schedule and pre-book your tickets if necessary.
From every September first on when students back to schools, it is the best time traveling Beijing and other parts of China with its amiable
weather. Of couse, all the travel suppliers will raise their prices during the peak tourist season of the year.

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