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China Looks More Chinese After Snowfall

Wednesday, January 27th, 2016
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Living and working day after day and year after year, are you suffering from the visual fatigue of looking at the world surrounding you? If your eyes are tired, then your heart is easy to be tired too. But thanks to winter, snowfall makes a better and more lively world.

Forbidden City after snowfall is no longer a tourist attraction, instead it is the Forbidden City back to the old times in winter. It doesn’t need the hordes of tourists; it only wants to silently hug the painted Chinese Red in the long historical river peppered with flying snow.

Forbidden City Snow

Forbidden City after snowfall is no longer a tourist attraction.

West Lake in Hangzhou looks like the fair lady at her best. Whether she is richly adorned or plainly dressed. Snowfall envelops her lightly, making her more attractive.

Snowfall makes West Lake more attractive.

Snowfall makes West Lake more attractive.

Zhangjiajie seems awaking from  a winter snow dream, returning to the otherworldly paradise with few people.

No more holiday crowds, only the plain silver attire; mountain paths blocked and no prints on the snow.

Zhangjiajie seems awaking from a winter snow dream.

Zhangjiajie seems awaking from a winter snow dream.

Coated by white snow, Nanjing again becomes Jinling, an ancient city going through 6 dynasties. In the course of the city’s reconstruction, Nanjing has changed greatly.

Maybe only snowing can produce some old fragrance at the former busiest place of Nanjing Fuzimiao ( Nanjing Confucius Temple ).

Nanjing Snow

Maybe only snowing can produce some old fragrance at Fuzimiao.

Sichuan Province, as its famous Sichuan food, is favored as one of the most resourceful tourist destinations in China. The snow shrouded Mt.Emei looks fantastic.

In today’s restless world with social or moral decline, often people are hard to have peaceful souls. Then come to Mt.Emei blanketed by white snow and snow rimes, talking with Buddha in pure hearts. If you are settled down with peaceful souls, you will have your answers.

Mt. Emei Snow

The snow shrouded Mt.Emei looks fantastic

Xian ( the site of Terracotta Warriors ) is on longer the ancient city of Chang’an ( the capital of Tang Dynasty ), though it is now an important tourist destination in China.

Like other historical places, Xian’s beauty doesn’t fall on the tourist season packed with tourists, but on the cold and snowy winter.

Xian's beauty falls on the cold and snowy winter.

Xian’s beauty falls on the cold and snowy winter.

If you feel cities are too small to hold your heart, come and look at the snowy Dunhuang, walking on the white desert and leaving all your worries behind.

Come and look at the snowy Dunhuang.

Come and look at the snowy Dunhuang.

Some places in China become more Chinese after snowfall. But some places always look authentically Chinese such as Tibet, Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia – these high altitude border areas.

But snowfall makes them even more stunningly beautiful.

The snowy Potala Palace in Lhasa.

The snowy Potala Palace in Lhasa.

People like the green grasslands in Inner Mongolia. But who knows the real charm of Inner Mongolia in winter?

The snowy charm of Inner Monglia.

The snowy charm of Inner Mongolia.

Xinjiang is a good place. After snowfall, it turns to be a paradise. Look at the snowy Hemu Village, Kanasi, Xinjiang.

The snowy Hemu Village, Kanasi, Xinjiang.

The snowy Hemu Village, Kanasi, Xinjiang.

If you are on a China tour and hit by a snowfall, don’t be frustrated and just enjoy your luck at seeing a more authentic China.

All the photos from internet, any questions, just drop a line.

The Best Time to Visit China

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011
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Are you planning your China Tour? Located in South East Asia, China is one of the world’s most-watched and hottest incoming tourist destinations.

Normally, April, May, September and October are the peak tourist months at China’s most popular places when the weather is the most comfortable.

But deciding when to visit China depends on which places you wish to visit, what type of weather you enjoy, and how much budget you can afford.

 China has a continental and seasonal climate. Southern areas are in the tropical or subtropical zone while northern areas are in the frigid zone. Climates in different areas are complicated.Every season here has its charms and pitfalls! Use this travel guide to help you make a smart decision about when to visit China. Check out below to have some information on each season:
China in Spring (March – May)
Spring in China is a season of recovery, commonly warm with a little rain. Spring can also be delightful with the average temperatures roughly the same as in autumn, at about 10°C – 22°C.

Guilin in Spring

Guilin in Spring

China in Summer (June to August)
Summer in China can be extremely hot with temperatures well above 22°C. You can go to summer resorts in some northern cities of China. Summer is also the rainy season, so travelers should not forget umbrellas, light raincoats and rubber shoes.

Beidahe in Summer

Beidahe in Summer

China in Autumn (September to Octobe)
Autumn is a season which is suitable to visit any city of China. Normally, the most comfortable season of the year in China is early autumn (September to early October).

During that period, temperatures are reasonable throughout China at about 10°C – 22°C with a limited amount of rain.Autumn is a harvest season. The sky is bright and clear. Your eyes are filled with the most beautiful view of the natural world.

shanghai autum

shanghai Autumn

China in Winter (November – February)
Winter can be incredibly cold especially in the north but off-season travel can also offer its rewards. For example, the Harbin Winter Ice Lantern Festival is a charming event. The southern China in winter is not that cold.

shanghai autum

shanghai autum

Tips: Whenever you decide to travel to China try to avoid 1-3 May (Labor holidays) or 1-7 October (National Day) when hard-working Chinese get a one week holiday. It is extremely crowded everywhere, especially in some hot destinations in China.
Any questions,  just drop a line.

Travel China in July and August

Saturday, July 17th, 2010
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"People Mountain, People Sea" taken by my Nokia mobile at Beijing Railway Station on July 16, 2010

Every later July is the beginning time for students summer vacation here in Beijing and other parts of China. The summer semester lasts about 45 days. September 1 is usually the beginning day for a new semester.
In China, July and August are the small tourist peak season mainly due to the student summer vacation though the weather is not so comfortable. Some parents make use of the vacation traveling domestically or abroad with their only offsprings. Others send their kids taking part in various kinds of summer camps to have their only childs trained in the aspects concerned. So the two traveling volumes keep all the flights, trains and buses busy, making regular travel both domestic and international around China much tougher in terms of hotel and ticket booking, not mentioning the crowded sightseeing spots everywhere.
This afternoon I went to Beijing Railway Station to meet one of my former co-workers in Hangzhou surnamed Fang, and give his family a transfer from the station to their hotel in Beijing – Sunworld Hotel.
Standing at the exit of the station, I found a huge crowd of passengers coming in and out. One Chinese proverb can describe the scene – “People Mountain, People Sea”.
If you come to China in July and August, please well plan your travel schedule and pre-book your tickets if necessary.
From every September first on when students back to schools, it is the best time traveling Beijing and other parts of China with its amiable
weather. Of couse, all the travel suppliers will raise their prices during the peak tourist season of the year.